another donation!!

thank you thank peaches aka. christina for your donation to dnw. second one so far and i haven’t done any updates for dnw, i feel bad. and i have to leave soon. i have to work harder to get the script site up 😦

ok if you haven’t tried or heard of trillian, you are really missing something BIG!! i just installed v 0.73, not only is it small (2.25mb), beautiful looking, easy to install, easy to use and also have beautiful sounds compare to aim sounds (eek) btw, trillian is IM program that allows you sign up msn, aim, yahoo, icq, irc all at once =) so do get it!

i’m addicted to the mini golf game (my best score so far is 31) and thought stuff here are pretty funny.

5 thoughts on “another donation!!

  1. my best for the mini golf is 35! i was so happy! that trillian thing is really something! i love the skins and how i can “multi-task” with different messengers. thanks for posting about it!

  2. I have a problem with Trillian’s constant updates because AOL blocks their port or something. I just use it for everything except AIM.

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