I Miss Dodo

Wow. She’s been away three days now, and I have not been able to get a good night of sleep yet. It seems like I either get to bed late; not being able to sleep, or I end up getting miraculously timed phone calls early in the morning when I am sleeping. It is different sleeping in the same bed, but the person that you are accustomed to holding is not there.

KFC was busy over the 4th of July week. Seems like everyone employee wanted time off so it left us shorthanded too.

At home I have acquired a taste for sloppy rice. I felt like having some because of the little radishes that Dodo bought from Chicago. I made three cups of rice (which was way too much) and it turned out to be very close to a GALLON of sloppy rice!! I have been enjoying eating it though. I think now I understand the appeal that Chinese have toward it. I would like to see Dodo’s face when I make so much sloppy rice for us when she comes back!!

One funny thing that just happened today is when I called to see if Dodo was home and the person that answered the phone did not understand a word of english, just like I could not understand the chinese she was yelling at me when she hung up the phone!!

5 thoughts on “I Miss Dodo

  1. hehe maybe the lady on the phone wasn’t yelling, but just…. talking loudly? haha XD poor you *pat pat* there there…. keep busy! and sooner then you know it, dodo will be home again =)

  2. don’t worry andy, dodo loves and misses you a lot too!!! lol 3 cups! i cook three cups of rice but i don’t think you need that much unless you’re serving a lot of people. 😛

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