watching the world

plugging leah – cute journal and new layout. i updated my b2 today.

last nite i made a delicious fried beef and green peper dish. altho andy didn’t get home until 10:30p, he still enjoyed it.

i’ve been catching up with your blogs. isn’t life a funny thing? it passes you by invisibly altho you try to grasp to its steps by writing. yet time doesn’t stop for anyone. life is just a process.. time is its owner. it doesn’t listen or feel anything. but we humans are funny creatures who try to keep beautiful times we once own. so we developed writing, photography, music, etc. for the mere purpose to keep something that doesn’t stay. =)

i say weird stuff when i’m tired…

4 thoughts on “watching the world

  1. we = humans
    are queeeer :D…

    and weird is only weird to the beholder 😛

    *ahem* not word dodo ^___^

    And mMMM fried beef, my stomach is grumbling!!!

  2. Interesting thought, and you made a good point. Humans do find different ways to capture moments in time, so that they can look back and re-experience it ^^

    That is the primary reason why I keep a diary. I don’t want to forget all the good AND bad times. It’s all precious to me. =)
    hehehe *steals the yummy dish*
    sorry, can’t resist, my tummy has been growling since forever XP

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