last nite and this morning

andy always forgets to do his scalp treatment. he supposes to do it after shower and after his hair gets dry. he rarely remembers it. so last nite i suggested to him: how about i stick a note on the mirror in the bathroom and after he takes his shower, he sticks it his forehead, so he’d remember. he said a sweat band would work better.
hk clock

this monring he slept thru his alarm. he was so mad and claimed he would use the old radio alarm again. i was terrified. i hate that radio alarm. it always scares me. so i pulled out our lovely hk clock this morning. that will be a perfect choice! imagining waking up every morning with this!

under such a sweet amtosphere, i’ve decided to join her singing!

4 thoughts on “last nite and this morning

  1. Wow Dodo, you have such a lovely singing voice! And it sounds especially nice because you’re singing in Manderin. ^_^

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