i’m sooooo special!

kisses lele. i got her SECOND postcard today and had a heartfelt conversation with her:

dodo: i got your second postcard today
lele: a 2nd one??
lele: how many did i send?!
dodo: two
lele: i thought I only sent 1
lele: o.O
lele: FOR REAL?
dodo: yeah
dodo: hehehehe
lele: lol dude
lele: no way
dodo: the first one is the same as daynah’s
lele: can you take a pic ?
lele: hahha
dodo: today’s is didfferent
lele: no way
lele: seriously
dodo: yeah i will
lele: haha i hope I didn’t write the same message on them
dodo: nope
dodo: you didn’t write the same message
dodo: and the cards are different too
lele: oh phew :p
lele: heheh well you’re special :p
lele: you got 2!
lele: everyone else got 1 hehe

yup! i’m special. card preview 1 card preview 2. to show how special she’s to me, i wrote her a code sniplet for new domain πŸ˜‰ Read the tutorial.

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