pikachu… rain…

believe it or not the sound “pikachu” actually means “butt ball” in mandarin chinese. ask anyone who speaks mandarin. when i mentioned this to andy two years ago, he was thrilled thus “butt” was the first mandarin word he ever learned. he past this insight to his brother as well. since then “butt” in mandarin has been used in his daily conversation. of course it has also become an inside joke.

the first drop of rain since the beginning of school came down around 1:30pm today. i was lucky because it was time for me to work at the computer lab. i didn’t get wet at all. the rain was pretty much done by the time classes were over for me and as i walked toward the bus stop, the most dreadful thing happened — one big drop of rain fell right on my forehead as when i walked under a tree. i swear this has to happen EVERY TIME i do not get wet in rain. either from a tree, a roof or a window, the rain somehow always finds its own way to reach me. i truly detest that!

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