my computer is officially broken

it’s very possible that it’s a harddrive failure since i keep hearing weird noises when i try to run the drive. worse yet when i sticked in the cd, i wasn’t able to repair the windows and when i tried to view the contents on my d drive with command line commands, it said there’s an error, it couldn’t even list it. so most likely my harddrive is toasted. i will have to order a new one x_X

i don’t even know when i will be able to get my computer back in function… in a way it’s good, it forces me to spend more time on my homework. today is the second i made to school linux lab by 7:30am 😉 I’m so proud.

5 thoughts on “my computer is officially broken

  1. Oo, my computer did that in july! It just totally died. o_O! I had to get it fixed, on the way I upgraded it. ^^ Although, my the noise in my computer is still bad. =( But still working. ^^d

    Oh yeah, I thought about the cafe express thing, I think I might actually do it. ^^d Thanx for the idea dodo~! ^.^/!

  2. there is no compUSA nearby. i’m most likely ordering one from online. my friend said he had very bad luck with maxtor and he recommended western digital. any brands you’d recommend?

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