school n work

mathlab problem

i got a new mathlab problem today. it’s a little more challenging than usual. i hope i did it right. anyone wants to check my work?

i’ve been bombarded with school work. the algorithm homework is so hard. i was thinking about it all nite even in my dream. i finally figured something out. i will have to ask the teacher today. but that’s only one of the three problems.. argg 😦 second calc III midterm next monday. that sounds so wonderful. i have to write a 7 page paper this weekend along with finishing up the calc III homework, numerical analysis homework and algorithm homework of course 😦 i’m dying…

this page is actually pretty decent on explaining my name. the specific Ying in my name means “bright” in chinese.. actually with the four different tones associated with Ying, it can mean a lot more than those listed but i do believe those are the most common ones.

4 thoughts on “mathlab problem

  1. O_o Yikes Dodo, I would have had no idea how to calculate that, sounds complicated The math lab is such an awesome idea!!! Can you think like this, that you only have to do this homework once, and then never again? That usually helps me. 😀 Trick your brain Dodo. 😀

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