thanksgiving plan?

thanksgiving is getting close. i remembered last year andy and i cooked our own turkey dinner and invited a few friends and my dad. only three of them ended up showing up and we didn’t know what to do with all the leftover. cold turkey is NOT tasty. eek.. so we are not cooking turkey this year. i’m looking forward to get together with andy’s relatives tho. it’s the ONE time of the year i get to be in a big crowd. andy’s relatives are very loving. they are a bunch of huggers hehe… since andy’s dad’s the ONLY BOY in his generation, all the sisters always compete for the best aunts hehe 🙂 tho i have a few cousins, since my mom never got along with them, i experienced NO CLOSE family contacts with my dad’s side of family and my mom is a single child. it makes me feel so good to get together with some “relatives”… almost =P

7 thoughts on “thanksgiving plan?

  1. im not a big fan of always seems to be dry. i like how sleepy it makes you, though. i hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. aww, that sounds like fun 🙂 this year we’re going to do thanksgiving at our house with my parents, brother, sister, me, and my grandad 🙂 i’m looking forward to seeing him, since he lives pretty far away 😥

    thats funny- my gradad is the only boy (that i know of) in his generation! is this a sign? haha 🙂 well talk to you later. 🙂

  3. I don’t have any ‘relatives’ in the US either… = All (yes I mean all.. ) of my cousins are in Vietnam. = But I do love get togethers with Al’s family… it’s just soooo nice. 🙂

  4. Since when don’t have Thanksgiving here in Brazil, turkey only remembers me of Christmas.. and it’s also getting close, my favourite holiday! ^__^

  5. heh, I’ll be just having thanksgiving with just my dad and me. my other relatives don’t care that much for the event (and all live far away). My sis is stuck in socal and my mom would be working that day. :p

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