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abuse of women

after two and half hours of reading the international relations textbook, i’ve faced many negative facts about the world. among all, the most disturbing story was still Fauziya Kassindja‘s. perhaps because i’m also a woman, knowing that such abuse still exists in the world truly frightens me. i could feel my body trembling and my feet turning cold while i was reading. abuse of women is actively exercised in many other parts of the world. another vivid image i encountered was a picture of two Pakistani women. under the picture, it stated: This shocking photograph shows two victims of domestic abuse, Husrat Parveen and Tasneen Bibi in a Pakistani hospital. Parveen had her nose cut off by her husband, and Bibi had acid thrown in her face by her in-laws. Parveen’s hushand, enraged when she complained about his bad temper, tied her to her bed, cut off her hair to humiliate her, then sliced off her nose. When she was able to escape, she went to the police, but they refused to press charges after Parveen’s husband denounced her as an evil woman. Bibi’s in-laws offered no explanation other than that she had displeased her husband. The burns were so serious that one operation had to be done to separate her cheek from her shoulder after the acid had fused her skin. Like Parveen’s husband, Bibi’s in-laws were not prosecuted.

13 thoughts on “abuse of women

  1. =*(……

    it’s so sad the things which happen. And it’s just we look at ourselves, and there’s hardly anything, IF anything, that we can do to help or change the fact, that things happen to people out there… *sigh* *sniff* *hug*…..

  2. And people still protest that women and men are treated equally today? Reading and seeing things like these is part of my interest in Women’s Studies.

  3. I guess there has to be a line as to how women are to be treated equally with the men. That’s why these days, a man no longer bothers to offer a seat to a lady. That’s kinda sad.

    But on the other hand, men should respect and honor the women.

  4. yeah, but in many areas of the world, people prefer not to believe in that. when rights of women are denied for thousands of years, it automatically become laws of the culture.

  5. omg.. but. sigh. there is so much wrong in this world.. and that story is.. so dissturbing.. no charges? it’s a calming thought that something like this wont happen in the US.. in times like these, it feels reassuring.. there are abuse in places in the world to woman.. but that is the most severe case of it i’ve seen. >

  6. it is extremely scary and sick of how men treat the women in there relationships i think men and women should be labeled as equals and in return we should be happy.

  7. you know, i think we are the luckiest women in the world!!!!Crappy things still happen, but it isn’t like in these “other worlds” where even the government is against us.Even in Russia many women are sold as sex slaves, and I don’t know if this still happens, but in Africa, some “tribes” I guess cut off women’s clitoris’.That African American model, they really popular one with the round face and no hair; this was done to her when she was a child. 😦 so so so sad.

  8. Oops. Resend, cuz my msg got cut off. ^^;; Sorry ^^;;;

    Eugh. Women abuse~ It’s just awful. I don’t know what I would do if I was ever abused like that. Maybe one day, we’ll have equal rights throughout the world.. that’s what I’m hoping for.

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