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tentative courses

i never realized jenn has made a moogle. awww.. i love moogles!!! KUPOPOPO!!

For Spring 2003, here are my tentative courses:

Principle of Biology
Programming with Cobol (supposed to be my easiest class)
Intro to System Software
Programming Language Concept

I don’t really like them. I want to take this advanced animation course with a cool professor but it’s full already šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦

8 thoughts on “tentative courses

  1. heh I actually thought bio was the easiest class of those. It just takes time, but it is stuff you learned in HS.. so not too hard.

    We don’t have a Cobol class here, and Language Concept wasn’t too bad. You learned how to write a parser of a language I believe.

  2. i’m not worried about biology at all. i took ap biology at HS and loved it. i used to wanting to major in biology šŸ˜‰ esp. since my dad’s a microbiologist.

  3. vera, i realized that now the animation course conflicts with my schedule any way šŸ˜¦ i can only hope he will offer that course again since it’s a special advance course and it’s not always offered!

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