7 thoughts on “photolog

  1. So cool Dodo! I love those Daily grinds!!! I am going to put mine up tomorrow. You did have gorgous weather, loos beautiful! And Andy is cool! 😀

  2. nice site!! I LOVE how you have ur own veiws and dont go along with what other people say, Dodo!! YOU GO GIRL!!! 🙂 keep up the AMAZING work on all ur sites. And i read alot about u and andy, and i must say, not only do yall make a cute couple, but yall seem so ‘meant-to-be’ !!! I LOVE UR SITES!! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!! byee!!


  3. Well, if this isn’t a spiffy looking site, then I don’t know what is. Wow… In fact, the layout of this site is so good, I beg you all -not- to see mine. I’d be very ashamed… well, not really, but I’d definetly be jealous of your nifty layout. But, I shall, one day, if I wish really hard, be blessed by the layout fairy with the knowledge of wonderous layouts. Yes… Yes, I will. *sips her orange juice and walks off*

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