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this web master job

man, i was about jumping into the ceiling when i found out about this web master job. it sounds so perfect for me. gosh.. i sent an email immediately but i don’t know how lucky i will be. they did say they perferred grad students. but hey i will be here for another two years. they can’t leave me out because of that. i’m waiting so anxiously now for a reply. *prays prays*

on the other hand, i’m still planning to return to the computer lab for the semester. i went to their meeting today. arg.. it sounds they’ve been changing a lot of things around over the break. and lots of them DO NOT WORK.. like even if a user deletes their print jobs, they would still be charged for the printing. smells LOTS OF COMPLAINTS when school starts. annoying.. and we the monitors are always the first victims. sniff sniff. man, would it be nice to find another job and run away from it. sigh…

14 thoughts on “this web master job

  1. Oooh good luck! Fortunately, we still have free printing in the labs… but whenever anything goes wrong, you’re right.. the lab monitors are the first to be bitched to:p

  2. I hope I hope I hope you get it!!!

    You know what’s funny? The job is on “Riverside” street.. and here I am living in Riverside the city. And there’s also an “Iowa” street very close to my workplace. LOL We live parallel lives! LOL

  3. I hope you get the job too Dodo! Good luck for the interview! *fingers corssed* You are too talented and too smart to be sent away, really. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  4. i hope you get the job!!! i dont have to cross my fingers because you don’t need luck– you have it all up there! *points to your head* best of luck!

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