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awwwwwww thanks

thanks to you sweeties!!! i’m very surprised to see all the wonderful messages πŸ™‚

Andy took me out for my birthday along with his mom, his bro and elizabeth. i chose to dine in a chinese restaurant. we had so much fun by making each other laugh while eating (i know it’s not very healthy). here is a couple of jokes i remember:
i got andy’s mom:
after dinner, the waitress brought us oranges. andy’s mom, andy and his bro just stuff the entire slice of the orange in their mouths and smile. so the skin of the orange covered their teeth when they opened their mouth. i asked andy’s mom: so is this a family tradition?
matthias got me:
the story continued when andy’s bro said that they used to do the same thing with oranges with their grandma. andy’s mom said her mom shaked really bad when she was old. but she still loved playing CHINESE CHECKER with the kids. well imagining how it was like when she placed her marble onto the board. all the marbles rolled around because she shaked so bad. and andy’s bro went, yeah that was when grandma decided to drop CHINESE CHECKER and began to play YAHTZEE.
HAHAHHAHA.. that really got me. oh it was so funny since he was shaking his hands and acting it out. OMG.. there were so many more silly jokes. i couldn’t remember them all. i only knew we laughed too much and ate too much.

added: here are some pictures of my gifts

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