10 thoughts on “bush or chimp?

  1. O.O Whoa… dude! So many pictures lol. He sure has a lot of ‘fans’ =P Thanks for the Q-bee thing ^^ *is reaidng right now* Those moogle things are sooo cute ^^

  2. He looks like a chimp. My friends and I have never taken him seriously as president.On other things . . . this website is .. . wow. SPECTACULAR WORK.

  3. dude, he does look like a chimp. dude i don’t like him as a prez much either..but yeah. i love this v-day layout it’s sooo cute!!! i love v-day ^-^

  4. that bush thing is so funny 😀 we had a speaker come to the youth group at my church and he talked about evolution vs. creation. as a joke, in the middle of his speach he put up a slide of Al Gore “evolving” from a monkey… it was really funny 😀 the person who made that Bush website must have a lot of time on their hands… haha xD

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