9 thoughts on “spam warning

  1. argh, those horrible companies, I know they need to make money too… but not with invading people’s privacy. ~.~ Anyways, hope your doing well. Have a nice day & I am lovin’ the quilting script ^^ thankies.

  2. Sales TAX!?
    oh my =_=; I always order things from online, and its cheaper that way – and now tax even online!? oyyy -_-;

    I fluff j00s layout xD

  3. Oo, thanx for the warning. @_@ Eugh… how come lately, companies just seem so evil lately??

    I hope you check your email! ^^!

    Thanx for the plug~! =D

    Gack.. sales tax? T.T OOoooO… It’s already expensive enough for me buying online, since I live in canada.. T.T

  4. wow! your site is fantastic. thank you for the spam warning. it’s good to know.
    by the way i love the music on your site. it’s wonderful!

  5. Nooo! I hope NY isn’t one of the 38 states. That’s horrible – although that might be good for the economy. Maybe..? But even though I only buy books, it’s still money, and I’m a cheap-o. Thanks for the news, Dodo. You’re my NY Times 😉

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