spam warning

everyone should block ip starts with 208.57 well, because of this. i don’t want to go into details. spams are possible with many blog scripts esp. those without flood control. be alert, they are making spam companies targetting bbs now

plug jenn, jessi, and Stephaine.

bad news: they are adding sales tax on products purchased online now.

9 thoughts on “spam warning

  1. argh, those horrible companies, I know they need to make money too… but not with invading people’s privacy. ~.~ Anyways, hope your doing well. Have a nice day & I am lovin’ the quilting script ^^ thankies.

  2. Sales TAX!?
    oh my =_=; I always order things from online, and its cheaper that way – and now tax even online!? oyyy -_-;

    I fluff j00s layout xD

  3. Oo, thanx for the warning. @_@ Eugh… how come lately, companies just seem so evil lately??

    I hope you check your email! ^^!

    Thanx for the plug~! =D

    Gack.. sales tax? T.T OOoooO… It’s already expensive enough for me buying online, since I live in canada.. T.T

  4. wow! your site is fantastic. thank you for the spam warning. it’s good to know.
    by the way i love the music on your site. it’s wonderful!

  5. Nooo! I hope NY isn’t one of the 38 states. That’s horrible – although that might be good for the economy. Maybe..? But even though I only buy books, it’s still money, and I’m a cheap-o. Thanks for the news, Dodo. You’re my NY Times 😉

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