i’ve been dieting.. well kinda. i’ve been eating Budget bowls – those 11oz ones for all my meals. partly to save money for the upcoming trip to california too. but i get hungry so easily since i actually only eat twice a day (i get up like 10 or later). sometimes i can’t bear the hunger and i have to find snacks. that’s bad coz i want to eat less since i bearly exercise. sigh.. i’m hopeless 😦 next semester i WILL TAKE A GYM class. you know when i was in high school i never ever thought that one day i could have weight problems too.. it seemed then that no matter how much i ate, i never grow. that’s no longer true. and i realized how i’ve been spoiling myself. it’s not like i eat a bunch of snacks or sweets (i hate sweets).. but i just eat a lot. in quatity. like esp. when i’m at buffet. last friday when andy’s step grandma invited us to a buffet, i ate 2 fried cat fish and another plate of salad, mashed potato and stuff. and i wasn’t even stuffed full. i could probably eat another fish if i really wanted but i made sure i didn’t. it’s meals like those made my stomach grow larger and larger. 😦

8 thoughts on “dieting?

  1. starving yourself is unhealthy… you should excercise and eat energising foods, like vegetables and grains. =D Good luck with your dieting, although from your webcam you dont look overweight!

  2. Oo, don’t eat like that dodo~ OoOo.. even though I do that sometimes, but it’s REALLY bad! Cuz by the end of the week you start bindging out on food.. T.T And then you end up not losing anything.

    I don’t know why you would need to diet dodo! You look perfect! o.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oo btw, the buttons on my new layout~ Basically a rectangle filled in with a gradient and then make the border on a new layer, lock it (save transparency), then gradient that opposite direction as did the buttons~ Then the border will have a gradient color to it. =D Something I picked up when I was bored. XD

  3. well i guess i don’t look overweight but i’m still concerned since my waist area just doesn’t look “thin” like before any more. oh well.. i’m just worried i dont know why.

  4. i kinda know how you feel… 😦 i agree about eating more, smaller meals. also, snack on stuff like carrot or celery sticks. i find that most of the time, i’m not really *hungry*; i just need something for my mouth to do!

  5. I can relate. I’ve been trying to diet for a long time… very unsucessfully though. = It’s like, I’m eating fine one day, then we go somewhere and I end up pigging out! Buffets are the devil… esp this yummy Chinese one by my house that we always go to. It’s sooo yummy. *fills plate with sweet and sour chicken and rice* Mmmm… =P I’m hoping once it gets warmer, I’ll be able to get more exersize. The most i get is playing DDR or walking around.

    Good luck with it though! I know how hard it can be. 🙂

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