toliet paper

i asked andy last nite if his college has parties and picnics. he said yes and he just had to read the toliet paper to find out when. i was like WHAT?! then he told me that his college puts flyers/calendar of school’s activities on the back of the doors of the toliet stalls. and they call them toliet paper. amusing. i wonder if any other colleges do that?

10 thoughts on “toliet paper

  1. Mine sometimes does…. it’s funny, and also a good way to advertise! It’s so boring in the stall.. might as well get some reading material in. Once, I went in a bathroom stall and someone pasted pages of a book all over -_-

  2. i only see uninteresting writings on our stalls. hmm i don’t think i look too hard when i sit on a stall. i usu. read my own books if i need to.

  3. I usually only find poems in the bathroom stalls…

    Here I sit all broken hearted, paid a dime and only farted, yesterday I took a chance, saved a dime and **** my pants… hehehe.

  4. At my college, the University of California, San Diego, we have things called Toilet Notes. They’re taped to the back of the bathroom stall doors and have news, crossword puzzles and funny pictures to amuse us while we’re on the can. That’s the way I get my news on what’s going on in my dorm and my school. 😛

  5. i guess i don’t live in dorms. i’m even sure if UI has them. but i did spend a week in UI summer camp when i was a junior in high school. i don’t think i saw any.

  6. We get advertisements on the back of our bathroom stall doors. I’m in high school. The advertisements are usually just asking us to go to a certain club on a certain day. We call it ‘8th period notices’ because 8th period is completely dedicated to clubs and activities in our school.

  7. Well, I was at DeVry University for the Buckeye science fair, and they had a Toilet Paper just like you said ^^;; I was kind of suprised when I noticed what it was though..

  8. is funny, my college (UNiversity of Washington, Seattle) used to post stuff like that as well. Ours were posted just above the urinals and were called “Wee Wee Weekly”

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