bad fast food service

i really hate buying service from the Taco Bell downtown. it seems they never would have any workers who at least appear enthusastic toward serving customers. every thank you they say sound so unsincere. they just look at you telling you how unhappy they are with their eyes. that’s very sickening. the cashier was so impatient with me today. i told her i want a chicken supreme burrito and she said “a beef what”.. i said “a chicken burrito not beef” she replied “yeah i know” and rolled eyes at me. WTF?!

14 thoughts on “bad fast food service

  1. I know how you feel. I get crappy, totally crappy service at fast food rest. sometimes too. They are so rude and don’t even get your order right when you tell them like 5x’s what you want. UGH Rarrrrr Makes ya wanna smack some sense into them sometimes. Gosh if you hate your job that much, please just QUIT! 😀

  2. yes that is sad. but most people who stuck working there are pretty much forced to work there since they can’t find a better jobs. but there are very good workers like my bf who have been on the newspaper for his good service 🙂 i know that not everyone has a good day everyday but going to work with such a low attitude EVERYDAY.. jeez.. they are living a horrible life.

  3. oh well there there dodo *pat pat*

    i say, at least the food is good, and they didn’t spit in it or anything, or aren’t being mean… then it’s okay *pat pat*

    we all have our bad days… a lot of people can be very talented in something, but are forced to do something they don’t want to, just because of pay
    it’s okie… =) food was good right? ^___^

  4. AHHH!!! I made bunny disapear -_____-
    i dragged him (or her) too high on the page.. *sniff* bunny’s gone x(

    lol, i’ll be okay dodo ^_____^

  5. another thing is they always act like that whenever i eat there. it’s only coz they are cheap or else i won’t go there at all 😦

  6. >=0 Wow, what an evil person. I would feel the same way. X_X Omigod.. people can be so rude. Even if they had a bad day, doesn’t mean they should treat everyone like that. >=(! Sorry you had to through that. Oo gawd. >=(

  7. Hey! I love your webbie, first of all, and secondly, sorry about the taco bell thing, u should’ve spoke to the manager..LOL, FLICK HER OFF! Jk, it makes me feel beter, but no, seriously, don’t do that! LOL

  8. yes call the taco bell customer service line and complain! they send you free coupons! 😀

    i called the mcd’s one once, because i saw the cook opening ketchup packets with his TEETH and then squirting them on burgers .. ew!!!

    i worked fast food once, and i had LOTS of bad days but i was never, ever rude to anyone. even at 3.35 an hour, that’s unprofessional.

  9. aww thank you for the tip kimi. maybe i should call except i’m too lazy to find out their hotline and don’t really feel like giving out my personal info to business either.

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