so sleep has been a problem

sleep is not a new problem for me but lately it’s been getting very bad. i don’t usually sleep until 4am and then wake up around 9pm and feel dead all day. i haven’t able to do well at school. too many Bs lately. i saw andy got online this morning and was scribbling down notes. it wrote
St. John’s Wovt
Mar Joram

I think these are sleeping pills? I don’t really want to tak pills. it’s not like they are gonna work anyway.

12 thoughts on “so sleep has been a problem

  1. I use melatonin when I need to get my sleep back to normal. It’s an herbal thing, the same stuff your body makes to make you sleepy. Works really good for me, and I usually only have to take it one night to get myself back on a normal sleeping schedule

  2. I’m dying of cuteness. I’m also dying of the immerse organisation of this place. I think I shall now go off and make a pink layout like I’ve always wanted to. BUT THIS IS SO CUTE!! *bookmarks*

  3. Oh, and two more things I forgot- 1) in your “mistress” section, “know” is misspelled. Really annoying me. *pout* 2) If all else fails, eat some ice cubes. It really halps ME for some absurd reason

  4. oOoOO oh dodo! *pat pat*… sleeping problems eh?…

    I have RIGHT infront of me an article in a magazine, about drinking Chamomile Tea, to help deal with Insomnia. It’s suppose to relax your mind and muscles. “It’s best to drink the tea right before bedtime since you can become drowsy very quickly. Chamomile tea can be taken indefinitely without any side effects.”

    Maybe ask andy if he can find any, and make some for you? =) Heheh, it’s no asian tea i believe. XD

  5. actually andy was talking about finding those teas this morning. maybe i will give it a try. i do like drinking teas. thank you Trish for the note. i fixed my mistake. and thanks for bookmarking.

  6. Those items on the list are herbs, I believe. I know Chamomile and St. John’s Wort are… I was considering taking St. John’s Wort before because it’s supposed to relax you and helps with mild depression. @_@

  7. Hey dodo,
    I see that andy was thinking about St. John’s Wort as a possible solution. I dont mean to freak you out or anything, but i heard that St. John’s Wort was very bad for you somewhere. I know ive heard it more than once, but i cant seem to remember what they’ve found it does to you. All i know is my uncle used to take it alot and has not stopped because doctors recently discovered somethign weird about it. I guess that doesn’t mena much to you since i dont really know whats wrogn with it.. But just to be safe mayeb you shouldn’t take it.
    Another thing, i knwo you said you dont want to take pills but i have the same problem and sometimes taking a pill now and then helps alot. Ive taken benadryll before which is a simple non-prescription allergy relief drug. No i dont even have allergies, but all of the doctors i have say that it doesn’t really matter if u have allergies or not since its not harmful. It really does help you get to sleep. The original ones work fine, but they now actually make ‘benadryll night time’ which works liek 1000 times better. Tylenol also makes ‘simply sleep’ which also works liek a charm.
    I know its really freaky, the thought of havign to take pills to sleep. But, just as long as you dont take them too often (maybe only twice a week would be smart) and you dont let yourself become dependant on them, its completely safe.
    If you dont decide to take anything for this, i really hope it gets better for you anyhow. You should try to regulate the time you go to sleep and wake up, and keep it *regular*. They say if you vary your sleepign patterns that can be a cause for insomnia. Best of luck to you!

  8. I use herbal pills to help me sleep. Combo of Valerian and Passionflower + Hops sometimes. Works well and doesn’t have any aftereffects like other pills or drugs do. I can’t take things like Unisom because it’s only a decongestant which I allready take for my allergies. 🙂 Good luck and herbs might help you. Try doing some rituals that help you relax and make bedtime more feasible for your body. Melatonin as mentioned above does work too for some people but beware, use the lowest doseage available. Good luck dear. Sleep is so essential for you; missing it really sucks. 😛 [hugs]

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