16 thoughts on “leaving

  1. Didn’t know how else to contact you, but WOW! Ran across your site randomly from b2 forums, drop dead gorgeous this site is. Wishing you and your special (and lucky! ^^) dude the best. O yea, and have a fun break.

  2. couldn’t find a guestbook or something like that…. thought i’d drop a line here..
    anyway.. just want to say… i got here randomly….. and WOW.. gorgeous site!

  3. whee!! Have lots and lots fun in California…where its warm and sunny …unlike here -.-‘ =D lol, don’t forget to take lots of piccies =P
    (ps. I love the amazing new layout for DNW)

  4. I met dodo today!!!!!!!!!!!!! We has so much fun!! Can’t get photos up til monday tho… but they’ll be up soon. 🙂 She’s safe and sound in southern cali! hehe

  5. Woah you’re in my home-state!! Coolness!! Make sure you ride the pacific waves while you’re there! And lie naked on the golden shores! =)

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