cell phone III

i think i might try this plan from iowa wireless. it will involve changing of the sm card and change of phone number but no additional charge. what you think? i’m really confused.. changing the phone to switch to verizon will cost too much. and $30 for $.30 per minute plan from verizon is actually more expensive than $20 for 100 minutes from iowa wireless. arg.. now i hope i never got a cell phone. so much trouble!

awww how cute!! angel peach  !

3 thoughts on “cell phone III

  1. hi dodo! i tried to mail you but the mail bounced back, so i’m leaving a message here to let you know that you’re a grand prize winner in the golden honeybear contest at the bee! just click the bouncing bear head (hehe) on the site to get your prize patch. and congratulations! 🙂

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