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visting high school and more

visiting your high school and seeing teachers you once liked is a fun experience. i visited west high to pick up some books from my ESL teacher – Mrs. T. Mrs. T has been helping the ESL msgboard for a while and had shown tremendous interest and care for it. she had some books for my friend who maintains the msgboard so i went today to pick them up. it was fun finding teachers i liked. i wished i could talk to them all but most of them were busy teaching a class. i would like to see my German teacher and my biology teacher, but neither of them were there. i know that my biology moved elsewhere right after I graduated. i really loved him.

fortunately i found my computer science teacher Mr. Rolenc 🙂 he’s really cool. he started the computer science class in west high. i was his first year student there and that time it was only a early bird class since there wasn’t enough computer labs in west. he obviously convinced the school to build a whole new computer lab. and now he’s teaching 5 computer science classes including 2 advanced courses. i feel so happy for those who have chances to have cs courses in high school. i hope they don’t take them for granted.

talking about classes, i talked to my advisor yesterday about what kind courses i should take to fulfill my interest in web design and system administration. U of I offers so few courses in this area. it’s almost pathetic. he suggested me asking professors in Library Science for recommendations. i emailed those professors yesterday and haven’t heard anything from them yet. you see i only have a max. of 18 credits for required courses left to fulfill both of my cs and math majors. but i must have an additional 23 credits to graduate. that’s a lot of extra courses i need to take. what should i take?! what are worthwhile taking?! i’m really clueless. that’s what has been distressing me the most for the past weeks. of course it will continuously baffle me until i graduate. so painful.

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  1. I’m taking Computer Science in high school this year. I find the course both challenging yet extremely fulfilling. 🙂 We’re learning Java in our CompSci class; how about your class back then?

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