eye exam

i went to an eye exam yesterday to find out that my stigmatism has gotten worse yet again. this time i think i will try toric lenses. altho the last time i tried, i didn’t really think i could see any better with them than normal lenses. i don’t really want my stigmatism keep getting worse and go blind 😦 maybe it will help this time?! at least rest of my eye looks healthy. maybe in the future i will try some kind of eye surgery but it sounds so scary XD

8 thoughts on “eye exam

  1. I want eye surgery too 😦 my eyesight is getting worse as well. Sighy… oh I have astigmatism too. Poooo… what is your prescription? Mine is around 7.00 in each eye 😐

  2. I was thinking about getting an eye surgery but my eye doctor told me that if your prescription keep going up it’s best if you don’t do it because you’ll still going to need glasses after surgery.
    I’m catching up to you lele ;)(my prescription: 6.25 and 6.00)

  3. Oh no! That’s really terrible. But my mom had an eye surgery for the same thing a while ago and she’s perfectly find now. I hope you feel better soon, though. This site rocks.

  4. I have an astigmatism in my right eye and both are short sighted, I always wanted contacts but they just don’t work with astigmatisms 😦

  5. My dad had that eye surgery. He did have 3 pairs of glasses for different things, now he only has 1 pair and only needs them sometimes. An old teacher of mine also got it done. It seems to work pretty well.

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