being stalked

lately i kept running into freaks. thank god they never did anything too crazy with me. i always thought iowa city is very safe.. running into stalkers is just NOT FUN.

last friday was a beautiful nite. so i got off the bus earlier than i should and walked home for some exercise and fresh air. not long after i got off the bus, i heard steady foot steps after me. at first i thought it was just another person walking no big deal. then i started to wonder why this person would be so close to me. i tried to slow down so whoever it was could pass me. but the person slowed down too. that’s when i started to be alarmed by the situation and picked up my steps. a minute later, the person finally passed me and i was relieved. but before i could take a break, he took a u-turn and went after me again. i knew that wasn’t just random bizzarreness. he finally attempted to converse with me with “excuse me, what’s your name” etc. i told him that he didn’t have to know my name hinting that i wasn’t interested in talking to him at all. as expected he cried out how mean i was and that all he wanted was to be a friend. i kept on going without turning back while he yapped his nonsense. finally i ran into an intersection where there were traffic. he ran off into a gas station. before i walked to our apartment, i saw andy driving by and got on the car. i told him what happened, he got so pissed that he wanted to go back to that gas station to find that guy. i insisted i was fine and it was not necessary.

yesterday i ran into another one. since i wanted to visit andy’s work place, i took a different bus after class. i bought a drink and carried it with me and sat down in the first row of the horizontal seats. (you know how the front of the bus has vertical seats). i lifted my hands to rearrange my hair so it won’t be all over my face and all the sudden this guy sitting in the vertical seat right in front of me started talking to me “oh don’t do that. you are too beautiful. you don’t have to do that.” i was like “WHAT?” and turned around and looked at him in confusion. and he introduced himself and offered to shake my hands. i was like WTF? it was very hard for me to refuse a handshake even tho i knew he was a freak. so i reluntactly moved my hands, i only touched his finger and told him my name. i should have totally ignored him but he was like in my face. and i couldn’t really get off the bus while it was moving. he went on and on about how pretty he thought i was and arg it was so annoying. pretty soon i just stared out of the window and tried to ignore. he just wont’ shut up. finally i reached my stop but guess what he decided to get off at the same stop and stalk me. OMG that was more than ridiculous. now i totally ignored whatever he said and i didn’t think he had balls to do anything to me under bright sun light. i walked toward Accurate Automative where andy would be. he followed and kept whining “oh you are breaking my heart. talk to me blah blah blah”. i never turned back once and pretended he never existed. i walked into the office at Accurate and andy was on a truck outside. like i expected, that guy pretty much ran off once i opened the office door of Accurate. andy was once again extremely mad when i told him. he said maybe not to get to see the stalkers is the way God tries to protect him from big troubles. i understand. he could get violent with people if he’s totally pissed.

14 thoughts on “being stalked

  1. Yikes! You know, the best way to deal with people like that is to say as loud and as clear as you can that they should leave you alone. The more attention you call to them the less likely they are to try and hurt you. Both of those guys sounded creepy as hell

  2. whoo…thats just a wee bit….jeez dodo, i’d watch my back if i were you! Grace is heading in the right direction with the pepper spray idea…:)

  3. I’m glad your ok dodo! Andy sounds cool! Its a good thing you dont travel late at night, meeting one of those freaks at night might not be so great 😦 Maybe when your going places go with a friend or go with andy. It would be safer then 🙂

  4. wow o_____@;; maybe it’s just something that people love about you that attacks them XDD hahaha but *pat pat* at least it wasn’t anything more serious, like them invading your personal space or whatever.. x_____x;;

  5. Whoa, glad you’re fine. Yours are worse than the one I met on the train~! But that one is pretty annoying as well since he kept asking about my personal love life, I just made the whole thing up o_O;; get Andy to accompany you!

  6. i can’t always get andy to go anywhere with me. i wish tho but he’s so busy. i never had much problem before but yea i will be more careful now. still if it could happen to you at day time as well.. what to watch out for? arg.

  7. aah, that’s scary. I used to live in Iowa too, and my whole family agreed that the people there were the nicest people we had ever met. I just can’t believe that people would try that. Maybe you could start taking a taxi instead…?

  8. Eee, taxis aren’t even that safe either! Some girls here who have gone missing were last seen getting into a taxi alone at night!!

  9. thanks bud.. i really like your new layout too.. the “are you in love?” one .. its breathtaking 🙂

    sorry to hear about that stalker dude..

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