*before anything* vote for me and kiss gaile‘s new layout 🙂 it’s too cute. her illustration is my wallpaper now.

well, another sleepless nite. i just microwaved some water so i can make myself a cup of hot Chamomile. the water was seriously BUBBLING when i put the tea bag in. it was truly amazing to watch the tea bag bouncing around in the cup and to hear the water sizzle. i’ve never seen that. haha, maybe this cup is magical and it would turn me into a fairy. LMAO. ok i need to stop acting like a fool.

now that i’ve finished my biology final, i’m one step closer to the total freedom. i can’t stop thinking about my web projects. i have SO MANY IDEAS that i wish to implement. i know i probably won’t even have enough time to do half of them but i just can’t stop dreaming about them.
here are some of my ideas:
– put the free trial for advertising back, maybe make it one day only
– make a new layout for that actually incorporates the ad banner
– offer banner exchange service at dnw
– offer simple counter service at dnw
– REDO the bookmarks for dnw. i need a much better script for that.
– UPDATE asian abuse to make it more useful (i need to add LOTS of info about how to handle abuse etc. so people can stop giving me crap!! arg, this has been bugging me so bad)
– do something about dmb!! it’s dying…
– i want to write two hacks for b2: one is something that lists the commenters from your last blog entry in your post area for easy plugging. i think people will like this one since it’s like a trend now to plug commenters. two is a threaded commenting system like livejournal. this hack is gonna be a tough one. don’t know if i will have time to get to it.
– update DNW with more tutorials and also list all the tutorials by their descriptions etc. i think that site is very confusing. yuck.
– i have this idea of a theme for pure essence that i want to implement.

i also want to learn 3dmax now that i have a bigger screen. and asp – i want to learn a new language damn.. do you think i’m crazy? i have so many ideas sigh… ON TOP OF ALL THESE, i might get a paid project from andy’s boss to do a website for their accurate automative. it doesn’t sound too easy.. it will involve datebase and php scripting. andy wants me shoot for $2500 for the project.. his boss is eager to talk about it. *dies*

9 thoughts on “insomnia

  1. Dodo, thank you for plugging my site ^o^!

    I can’t wait for those hacks! LOL! *waiting patiently*~!

    I think it’s good to be ambitious on your sites! It means that you have a lot of things planned and your visitors will have something to look forward to. 🙂

  2. haha, cute new theme! it’s very different, you’re very creative! well, i can’t wait until you make the b2 hack for commenters…. it would sure make my life a lot easier!

  3. i came across your site from links from about …… what 50 sites? I relised how famous you really are. The iste is fantastic its realy neat and your themes are great (wish i could do that) . I have to admit your childhood fantasies and beliefs made me laugh so hard i cried. Especially when you were stuck in the toilet 🙂

  4. nice site, I’m installing that hack right now and will be back daily to check your site out

    Love the colors!

    peace from VanCity!

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