random blogging babble

i found a cute and easy to install hack for your comments form. i added it in like 2 seconds. it’s really handy. basically it makes your input fields changes to blank when it’s onfocus and returns to its default value when it’s not. so you won’t get stuff like “namejane doe” or “commenthi how are you”. to do so add:

onfocus=”this.value=(this.value==’name’) ? ” : this.value;” onblur=”this.value=(this.value==”) ? ‘name’ : this.value;”

to your name input field and add the same to your email, url and comment textarea but change the value accordingly.

i found these smilies for you to use if you want. they look like msn smilies but a bit different.

I really think i’m gonna start writing my blog like this one. at least then i get hundreds of comments. LOL.. it’s actually funny to read. quite unique.

<– begin of my dull entry –>
I am sitting in the computer lab and working in front of this black dell computer. I realize the keys on my keyboard are very rigid and hard to push so I decided to apply more energy than usual when I type.
<– end of my dull entry –>

will you like to try some fried bull testacles? and what’s up with jenn‘s site? i thought she’s supposed to be on hiatus!! what’s going on? gaile‘s so talented. i love her new character design! lele and jessi have new layouts up!! YUMMY! can you find my eyes on lele’s new layout?

8 thoughts on “random blogging babble

  1. hehe! I thought about writing people’s names over the images, but then decided it was more fun to have people go find out themselves about my dailies. 😛

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