more for dull entries

hehe i must be obssesed with dull entries. i wrote a rating system for it. you can now rate for your favorite dull entries LOL. i also wrote a hack for you to add a quicktag to your b2 for dull entries. *eek* i’m weird.

now i’ve read a few more dull entries, i want to say: it’s not easy to write a good dull entry. A good dull entry should be very focused. No extra information should be given in the description of a certain moment. That’s why a dull entry is not a summary. If you want to talk about what you have eaten today, show why we should want to hear it. A good dull entry should also be creative and funny. Although it may be something everyone does, you can still make it refreshing.

<– begin of my dull entry –>
While riding the bus today I saw a lady holding beautiful flowers. Suddenly I remembered the fact that flowers are plant sex organs. So I giggled and imagined the lady was carrying beautiful plant sex organs.
<– end of my dull entry –>

8 thoughts on “more for dull entries

  1. Thanks for signing my guestlog! I saw there was a new entry, so I was, like, “Hrm, wonder who… DODO SIGNED MY GUESTLOG?!?!?” *shock* Lol. πŸ™‚ I admire your coding tidbits a lot πŸ™‚ Even tho I still use Greymatter. Hey, inspires me to write my own additions to GM! πŸ™‚ Okay I will stop rambling now. πŸ™‚ DULL ENTRY POWER! *turns into Sailor Dull* Haha… Sorry…. *sheepish look form crazed fan*

  2. sex organs. I remember that part on the movie The Bachelor when his ex girlfriend was saying that about flowers… lol, he was like “WHAAA?” LOL.

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