aww tired

what you think of my new idea for DMB?

i’m so tired today even tho i had 9 hours of sleep last nite. this means my period is coming.. as much as i know, the only signal of my period is being tired. i don’t have PMS. at least no one who’s close to me has noticed it. I DONT WANT TO HAVE PERIOD! not until my divacup is here anywayz. I ordered it maybe two weeks ago? I want to try it out arg.

shi is taking an offline break for her cancer treatment so hostradius will be merged with insiderhosting. i hope everything will be smooth. best wishes to shi! we love you!

i need a new layout for pure essence!! but i’m too tired to get anything done today.. period sucks! i agree it’s not fair that only girls have to go through it =P

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8 thoughts on “aww tired

  1. Actually, I used instead ( before and it was comfortable…for awhile. Then I got a horrible ACHEs and it only went away when I took it out. I guess I didn’t put it in right…but still…I am wary about cups nowadays!

    1. i heard both positive and negative comments about those. i just want to try. i really like the idea that they are reusable.

  2. I was going to work on a new layout for my journal…. but I’ve been so tired to do anything! Wahhh. No PMS? hehe.. you mean you don’t use andy as a punching bag? lol

    1. actually, i have many themes you can choose. the layout you see named “winter” is just one of them. this means even when i make a layout, you can still see this one whenever you like.

  3. Wow dodo, awesome idea~ ^.^/!!! Although, I don’t post at DMB anymore. = Due to me being busy, I couldn’t keep up with the postings. ^^; I could help with drawing designs for products if you need to. ^^ Sounds like so much fun~!

    OoOO Divacup. o.o I wonder how that works! o.O! Looks interesting. Ew to pms. Hmm. o.o I never heard of those cups before. o.o I’d look, but I’m at school. ^^;

    Poor shi. ; . ; I hope she’ll be ok. ; . ;

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