home made beef jerky

WOO WOO andy used the dehydrator i bought him last christmas for the first time. he made BEEF JERKY.. altho it didn’t turn out as good as he hoped for, i’m still happy that he used and the flavor is good. they got little too dry since he left it on over night. now he said he learned a valuable lesson that is: never leave dehydrator on over night. you never know when it’s done. don’t listen to recipes, they are not accurate.

i will eat his beef jerky 🙂 crunchy crunchy. i didn’t sleep until 2am and now i’m awake. we are going to the farmer’s market to get FRESH VEGGIES. i will take pictures. 1, 2, 3 let’s go. i will try not to act like a zombie LOL

11 thoughts on “home made beef jerky

  1. Oh yea, for some reason.. homemade jerky doesn’t tasted like the ones in the stores. We have one too… and we’d dry apples in the summer… so there’s food to eat in the winter. heheh

    1. coz the ones in the store are full of preservitives. they are really good for you. the jerky andy didn’t taste bad at all. maybe you need to find a better recipe.

  2. we have an awesome farmers market about 2 miles from our house. I love going there, I always see fruits and veggies that I’ve never seen before. A big bonus is the sweet smell of fruit and fresh bread… yum.

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