getting at 7am

today is my first day getting up at 7am since .. i dont know how long. now i have to do this every day for monday, tuesday and wednesday to come to work. the lab is totally dead. it seems it’s time for summer regisration, everyone keeps asking me “WHAT’S THE DATE.” but seriously do they realize that if they hover their mice over the clock on the computer, they will see the date?!

i woke up this morning from this crazy dream that i still vividly remember. it’s a schemed murder eek. i don’t think i was part of it but somehow i could see the plan thru a camera eye. i was borrowing a tape from a friend of mine in china, while i was returning it, i saw some guy driving into a local store. and later i heard gun shots and it was an armed robbery. when the police came, they found the car the robber was in. and i somehow knew that car was purchased from a Texas farmer with a fake id like i’ve been there. the most crazy thing was somehow i knew that robber’s father. he was a prestigious man who could never imagine he’d have a son who was a murderer. all the info was floating in my head when my alarm went off but the story was not complete. man, i must miss the discovery channel detective shows too much that i have to dream about one. i haven’t watched TV for almost two years.. when was that last time we had cable?

3 thoughts on “getting at 7am

  1. gasp, no cable tv? hehe I don’t watch that much tv at home.. but at college, gah.. TLC’s murder mysteries are always so amusing 😛 I had a dream last night that a volcano had erupted and we were all going to burn to death from the lava. o.O

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