spam and multi-more hack

has your school been attacked by messenger service spam? there are so many of those in my university. when i talked to my boss today, he said he had to disable messenger in some of the podium machines so professors don’t get “PENIS ENLARGEMENT” ads while they are teaching the class.

he told me one time a visiting professor was using the overhead in the computer lab to teach a class. all the sudden everyone started to laugh hysterically. she thought it was something she said. but later found out a popup window just came up on the computer she projected and it titled “PENIS ENLARGEMENT”. man! how embarrassing can that be? since then my boss had to disable the windows messenger services at the podium computer. but he said he couldn’t do it on all the machines because window messenger has legitiment usage for the computer. i asked if it was legal for the companies to advertise like this, he said probably. it’s one of those conflicts between freedom of speech and intrusion of privacy. internet has created many problems in addition to all the benefits.

i worked on this multi more hack for b2. it’s working for me. and if you wish to use it on your own website, read this. and also, i found a bug in the javascript. change “block” in there to “inline” in the javascript file. while i’m here, might as well show a demo? so here’s the second more

to post more than one more items, use <!–more–> to begin a more section and use <!–endmore–> to end a more section.

i added a new joke πŸ™‚ application to date my daughter πŸ™‚ enjoy.

<– begin of my dull entry –>
i tried not to look at the person sitting next to me even though i really feel like to. he’s been farting for the last 30 minutes. i think i can’t take it any more.
<– end of my dull entry –>

22 thoughts on “spam and multi-more hack

  1. Eeek… I hate it when people fart around me… much less continously! Very gross! My mom does that quite a bit, she’ll be walking around and let out a fart (in public). Then she’ll sit down right by me and fart. O_O;; It makes me want to run away!

    But I’m glad you have your blog back again! I wasn’t sure how long it would be down, so I linked your tabulas account on my new site. Oh well. ^^;

  2. well it looks like you did well with your hacks. hacked the crap outta WP didnt you?!? hehe. i use MT so i cant really ask when or how to use the ones you made. WP just hates me.

  3. I agree with Leah – that was definitely not a dull entry! Random, but not dull!

    I get those ads in my email all the time for penis enlargement. It is so sad that they don’t even care what gender they send it to.

    I get a lot of weight loss ones too!!

  4. oh how gross!!! haha you know whats worse? when you’re going up on an full escalator and the guy in front of you farts in your face. im still incensed about that

  5. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
    There should be a “Messenger” service listed there. Right-click and stop/disable it.

  6. I got these messenger advertising at home.. it’s so annoying..ack! your new hack is pretty usefull dodo πŸ˜€ i can’t wait to use it

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