my divacup has arrived yesterday but strangely my period hasn’t come. someone told me to practice before my period comes, so i did. it felt weird. it’s not like tampon, i can’t push it up very high and i feel it when i walk around. so to me that’s not too comfortable. i thought i read in the testimonies that you are not supposed to feel it? i never feel my tampons when i wear them. but it will probably be easier to insert once my period is here. since it will be more wet. At least they have a year money back guarantee, we will see how it goes.

i worked on dmb hacks last nite. i stayed up til 2am even tho i had to go to work at 8am. thank god tomorrow i will be able to sleep in. i’m very sleepy all day. but at least the hack turned out very nice. look! if you hover over the blinking eye, the theme user uses will appear. the mood now comes with smilies (next to the username) 🙂 and also if a user’s online, it will have a blinking green ball instead of a red under their post.

do you get stupid javascript error when you pure essence? i know i do. and i can’t figure out where it’s from. this is so annoying!

SHOOT, i didn’t even realize VERA IS BACK!!!!

12 thoughts on “divacup

  1. the hacks are wonderful dodo!!

    and yea i get a javascript error = but everything seems to work okay =]

    and lol, g’luck with the divacup! 😉

  2. Sometimes I get errors. I’ve gotten it before on the Clean theme, I think, when I tried to “read more”.

    Gemini, ^^;; these cups are like plugs. I think it’s the contraceptive sponge you’re thinking of.

    Hey, dodo, if you eat papaya and heaty foods, it’s supposed to make your period come sooner.

    1. no thanks, i don’t think i want my period to come any sooner. it’s the best it wll never come but of course that won’t be true. you think the javascript comes from read more? hmmm…

  3. Divacup, lol. I hope it does work. I would think it may feel a bit more “natural” when you are actually on yoru period.

    The hacks at DMB are awesome. Great job as always.

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