make a wish

 I think I’m obsessed with this song. It’s zai zai‘s “make a wish”. *feel free to download it if you want!* altho his poor accent, *he can’t even pronounce “MAKE” correctly for god’s sake* i still like this song. much because of his cute appearance. he’s rather cute in my eyes. fits my taste for pretty feminine looking guys.. i think he’s the cutest among F4. but you know what, no one in F4 is truly talented. they are popular because of their LOOKS! i’ve seen couple interviews with them, they can’t even articulate. i think in chinese entertainment (if not all countries), there are two groups of celebrities. ones that acquire fame by true talents and others acquire it by cute appearance. it does take a lot more of effort to acquire fame by true talents and those who do should get more respect. but the truth is they don’t. i hate myself for doing this but i can’t help liking the cute appearance. my affection usually doesn’t last too long. talking about my obsession with Zheng Yi Jian =P

28 thoughts on “make a wish

  1. *shrudders* i’m not that found of f4… and i don’t find them all that great looking either xPP

    and they do look like girls xDD hahaah but if you find that a turn on dodo, alright ^^ hehehe

    1. hehe.. i might think he’s cute now but after a couple of months i will probably think he’s no longer that cute any long. like i said, my affection doesn’t last long. when i look at zheng yi jian now i only think he’s soso *shurg*

  2. ah! i love zai zai! i have ALOT of pics of him and F4 in my room. at frist i hated meteor garden. i thought it was all about pretty boys and stuff. but after i left taiwan i started to miss them. later i started to obsess. now my obsession has died down, but i still love F4. not for looks or talent but because of meteor garden. personally, i think they’re ugle except zai zai and they have no talent.

  3. ooo cute layout! πŸ™‚ you like the guy frm f4? he’s ok lookin to me lah. but i like watching meteor garden 😑 nice! πŸ˜€

  4. omg. i want you carebear! *frust* they don’t sell ‘m in the Netherlands :(. I like feminine looking guys too! It often says something about their personailty, i think they are sweeter πŸ™‚

  5. I have to agree with you. They’re popluar because of their looks, but overall they don’t act that well. Ekin Cheung is cool, have you seen him in those gangster movies? I saw part one to five. I also went to his concert one time. He acts better than singing.

    1. i think you are talking about young and dangerous. yup, if you read my site, those movies were the sole reason for me to make a site for him.

  6. every time i visit your site (the main page) the images don’t show up.. expect for the ones in your blog, which are huge “i stole this” signs 😦

    1. yea, anything at pure-essence with no trailing slash gives your .htaccess hotlink protection images. i was gonna comment on this anyways, someone else has! =) maybe edit your .htaccess to include your domain with and without slashes?

  7. I love zai zai XD! he’s always been my favorite among the f4~ the taiwanese drama is so nice.. I like the HYD anime too, but the drama is so awesome! jerry is cute too ^__^! *drools*

  8. you are so cute, i love you, i hope i can talk to you, can i? please sent me one of you pictures. thanks.

  9. he is so cute he is more hoter than jerry aka da men shi I don’t like jerry but I know I like zai zai he is so cute well if you have yahoo messenger or aim i m me yahoo is divagirl88888 aim is heavensbabe3214

  10. :blush: Actually I think Vanness,Jerry, and ken have pretty good talents. ken can play really well, VAnness is an awesome dancer(and rapper) and jerry errrm well helooks good, especially since he’s a male model. I guess that is a talent, i think. But i think they can pretty well. in america you [had](and,or) [have ]God knows how many celebrities make it out just on looks and HAVE no other talent syuck

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