Chow Yun-fat Shanghai Tan

 my dad got one of the most popular soap operas byChow Yun-fat on cd. it was released in the early 1980s before i was born. it’s named Shang Hai Tan. of course the story happened in Shanghai – the city where I came from. altho the soap opera was made in HK, when it was first released in shanghai, it became unbelievably popular. according to my father, whenever the soap opera was playing, you could barely see people walking in the streets. OMG after that was released, many different versions of the story were made. but none of them became as popular. some people argue the soap opera made Chow Yun-fat popular in china as a whole. and that was the beginning of his star career. i’ve seen the newest version of the story. altho i liked it but i have to admit the old school one i’m watching now is far more addictive. the quality of the rm files is very poor but i couldn’t stop watching it due the story and acting. MAN Chow Yun-fat looks so young and so thin in there..

btw, i think i’m go on a pluggin spree today.. hehe i’m gonna plug everyone who commented in the last 10 entries. annia Brianna Carlie Christine cindi Claire Connie cyn Daynah diana ecila felisha Gaile gemini Grace Jaz Jenny Jennylee Jessi jon judy Kat Lady Magdalia Lauren leah Lele Leslie lisadee Lizzy Mariela meia michele Michelle Miki Molly natasja nikkiana Niphredil rach rachel ral Rex Rilla Rita Sarah Saric Shae Strawberry Su Udoka Veeshan vera veronica von

15 thoughts on “Chow Yun-fat Shanghai Tan

  1. Thanks for the link, even if you can’t read french (i’m wondering if it could be a good idea to post in english, but my english level is… humm). I appreciate your graphical work, feeling, and i hope you’ll continue…

  2. *shock* I didn’t know Brother Fat (his nickname, hehe) starred in soap operas. Too weird.. his lips looks so soft. 🙂 He kinda looks like my uncle when he was younger. ^__^

  3. wow he looks so young I can barely recognize him ^^ hehehe I like Chinese and Korean soaps even though I don’t understand i enjoy watching them! thanks for the plug! =)

  4. Chow Yun-fat acted shang-hai tan. 😀 I saw some of them. He became popular because of that. OMG. he’s a very handsome looking guy. 😉 Did you see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? That movie totally rocks!! 😀

  5. ah…chow yun fat is so wonderful…i heart him. i saw an old old soap of him when he was like in his early 20s or something when i was in hong kong. man he is just as studly as ever. have you seen him in bulletproof monk yet?

  6. Chow Yun Fat looks so young!! You know, I would love to watch that movie too even though I can’t understand Chinese. God knows I’ve watched enough Chinese movies. 😀

  7. I first saw Chow-Yun Fat in “Anna and the King”, he’s lovely in this movie. 🙂 He’s also great in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. I hope it won’t take too long to release his new movie here in Brazil!

  8. chow-yun Fat is a good actor in Hong Kong. I actually seen him in real life once when I was a kid. He was doing a film in NYC near the Brooklyn Bridge. I don’t remember the name of the movie but I can do a search for it.

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