searching for a new digicam

BAD NEWS 😦 I think my digicam is offically dead. due to the deterioration, i left the cam untouched for a month. yesterday i tried to use it again, every single picture came out with reading error. i couldn’t get them to my computer. when i connect the cam with the computer via usb, it said the new software was not formatted. yes i did format my smart media card multiple times, it’s not helping. perhaps the smart media card is broken. but why?! unless my camera is somehow destroying the smart media card, it shouldn’t have lasted less than a year. i just got this card in replacing my last broken card. 😦 😦 i’m so sad. i don’t want to live without my cam. but i don’t really have money to buy a real good one right now. i’m looking for a quality cam around $150 – $250 (best without smart media card). any suggestions?

16 thoughts on “searching for a new digicam

  1. I have Canon Powershot A70, but it’s about $300.00 & it’s a digital camera. I know it’s not a “cam”, but you can change the size to the usual 320 x 240 if you don’t mind taking a little extra time to trim it. You know. Hehe.

    My sis has a different one, but she’s still sleeping. Sorry.

    1. sisi i bought a new smart media card less than a year ago. if that thing wears out that quickly, i’d rather get a new cam that doesn’t require it.

    1. i was gonna buy one from bestbuy to try so if it wasn’t the problem, i will return it right a way. i think i still will. and if it does fix the problem. then i will order one online. ordering online is just so inconvenient.

  2. i use the hp photosmart 320 and it does videos too… pretty cheap if i remember, 100 something i think… the card i use was about 50-60. good luck =)

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