new theme: grass

i made a new theme: click if you don’t see. i used annia’s background. isn’t it pretty? I love that background 🙂 It’s somewhat a change anywayz. i was getting tired of the last one. i haven’t been very inspired to make good graphics =P

i’m ALMOST done with my cross-stitch! click. i still need to do the outlines. it’s looking good? imagine this, i had to UNDO 20 minutes of work two nights ago. Because I missed a column and everything after (although correct) are shifted. so i have to undo everything. OMG, that sucked so bad. i only wish i can stop screwing up like this. this is probably the biggest cross stitch project i’ve ever done. altho it’s only 4″ x 6″.. it’s HUGE. oh well.. good test for patience i suppose.

rants about FFVII – ok i have some rants about the optional boss in final fantasy 7: Emarld Weapon. You can read it if you’ve beaten the boss or have attempted to beat it.

it’s freaking crazy. i’ve never seen a boss like that in FF before. (Of course I didn’t beat all the optional bosses. Like those ones in the monster arena in FFX.) andy prepared for more than 3 hours for the fight. we leveled up the players and the materia. we got all the best stuff. we have knights of the around masteria(1), mime(3), ulitima(3), final attack(1), quadric magic(1), 4x cut(3), slash all(2), MP Turbo(2), W-Summon(1), W-Item(1), you name it! The players we are using are: Cloud (Lvl 85), Red XIII(Lvl 83), Barret (Lvl 85). All of them have their ultimate weapons, 4th level limit break 9999HP, and 999MP. Armors and accessories: Cloud (Mystile & Ribbon), Red XIII (Imperial Guard & Champion Belt), Barret (Imperial Guard & Champion Belt). Cloud has final attack equiped with the Restore masteria. This allows him to automatically cast life(2) when he OKs. Final attack is rasied to level 5 so he can use it 5 times during the fight. The plan is to have one player W-Summon Knights of the around and the rest of them will Mime the attack for free. The set up and plan sound pretty ass beat? At least I thought so. Man, we had to try FOUR times before we finally beat the boss. He has over 1 million HP! And his attacks usually do 7000 damage to ALL members in the party if not 9999. On top of that, he sucks around 500MP if he uses his laser attack. He’s FAST! He gets his term in between of the two arounds of Knights of Round summon (EVEN WHEN YOU USE W-SUMMON YES). You’d think since Cloud is virtually immortal, we’d somehow beat the boss. OH NO, the set up was still wrong. Because somehow Cloud (who has counter materia on) and the boss will go into some kind of counter attack spree. When cloud attacks, the boss counters, then Cloud counters etc. And the worst is the boss sucks up all of his MP. This means when he dies, he has NO MP left to cast life to bring him back. So the game is over. I TOLD ANDY when we fought him the second time, he should take counter materia OFF of everyone. he won’t listen. And guess what, the same thing happened, the counter spree destroyed all. Now the third time he did listen but he somehow forgot and left the counter materia on Cloud. So we lost yet again. The worst is if you’ve ever used Knights of Round summon, you should know, it takes FOREVER! YEA, 13 knights, each does 9999 damage to all parts of the weapon and TWO ROUNDS per player. YOU MUST CAST IT a total of 8 times to kill the boss. If any of your member dies, or counters, it screws up the miming spree. On top of that, we had cloud use his limit break OMNISLASH before the miming spree started. We finally beat the boss. IS THAT CRAZY OR WHAT? It took a total of 40 minutes.

38 thoughts on “new theme: grass

  1. the butterfly cross-stitch looks beautiful Dodo! fixing the mistake was worth it, although I don’t know if I’d notice it if you didn’t fix it… however, it would bother me too and I’d fooorrce myself to undo and redo it. You’re a perfectionist too, I’m guessing =) ahh, I feel left out, I’ve never played any of the FF games!

    I saw the bg on Annia’s site, and I’m using one on my computer =D You’ve integrated it wonderfully into a layout.. green is IN! =) the bird LOL it’s so cute! Niiice, Dodo =DDD

  2. OMFG, you have done it again, you have made another GREAAAT layout, i must say you always amaze me with your skills with layouts and php! and i cannot stand ANY little mistakes, if i see any error on my site, it has to be fixed straight away, and if i cant fix it, i have to start the thing all over again!

    1. hey thanks. i love all your layouts too 🙂 i think you are very talented with graphics. i’m better at scripting.. i can’t compare to those real talented graphic designers. good thing i’m not major in graphic design =P

      1. omg, i am doing graphics soon at college, i start in september, apparently i am more advanced than most other students! the teacher told me that some of the students dont even know what adobe is!!! i do not believe that but ill just have to wait and see…. lol

        1. man, you are gonna be on a roll! once in class, you are gonna make awesome stuff 🙂 i look forward to see your new designs.

          1. me too, i hope i learn many new things in college! We get to use Macs in college, I cant wait, ive wanted a mac since i was like 7

            1. must be so nice to be able to use themes. i cant cause i have no skillz and im poor, but this turned out very nice. and peter: i hate macs. the teacher told me that not to mention PSP in that college cause I would get laughed at. so since i couldnt figure it out, i dropped out of school. but i wanna ask dodo one question. please tell me how you got it to look like it is written on lines? cause i want to do it for my new layout, but i just dont know how. tell me tell me tell me please?

              1. im not surprised, PSP is the most simple graphics programme out there! i get to use Adobe, but ive had 1 year of leaning with that, so i think i amm preety good at it already! i wonder why you would get laughed at, what subject were you learning?

              2. hmm you have to use lined backgrounds for your css. i made mine 18px in height and then i made my text to have line-height: 18px

  3. Ah, I love these shades of green — so soothing to the eyes! 🙂

    That’s a gorgeous cross-stitch! It’s only going to look even more beautiful when it’s done! 🙂

  4. hahah i read your entire entry on beating the emerald weapon! hahaha

    I still remember when I tried beating it. Yup, it was knights of the round, it had to be that, or else you can beat it.

    But it was 6 years ago when i played that game, so i completely forgot the strategy I used 😛 Although I do remember using a party of Cloud, Red, and Cid 🙂 That was my fav party heh.

    Ooo, are you planning to beat the Ruby Weapon? To me, that was harder to beat 😛 but my bro and I finally beat it.

    I was better at beating the emerald weapon and my brother was better at beating the Ruby, so we worked together at it and did it finally 🙂

    Oooh, and nice green layout, dodo! 🙂

    1. yes we are going to beat ruby weapon next. but andy’s in th threatre right now watching Terminator III with his bro. have to wait til he gets back 🙂 ruby weapon, you can only basically beat it with one person your party.

      1. Good luck on beating it! I’m sure you and andy can do it!

        But awww, I find that so cute, how you guys play video games together. I wish Ken and I could do that some time.

        1. FYI, we did beat ruby weapon and it wasn’t as hard. we pretty much did it on our first trial. his shadow flare and ultima attacks often miss cloud for some reason x_X.. i’m not complaining =P

  5. oO! This is so cute!! I love it~!!

    I love cross stitching!! I did a few from puccaclub.com of pucca and garu, hehe. It’s sooo cute~ I wanna make my own~ ahh~! i like precious moments cross stitches too ^__^

  6. The layout sure made my eyes wake up! It’s nifty! Very different from your usual layouts. I especially love the navigation!! 🙂

  7. aww you used my background! i feel so special 😀 I thought noone would ever use this stuff..haha .. it looks really lovely, dodo! *jumps*

  8. This is cute! Much kudos on the project, sorry to hear about the backtrack. I was never that good at cross-stitching. I guess cuz I didn’t take it so seriously. I just did it when I was bored. The last one I ever did was around 4×6. It was a reindeer, err, moose, who held a sign that said, “Merry Christmoose”. Pretty cheezy, huh? Back in the day, I used to take a pencil and mark where I was supposed to stitch so that I knew where to stitch. It was pretty handy. 😉

  9. Hello. The theme is gorgeous. So adorable. I envy your coding ability. =P Your cross-stitch is stunning. It was worth fixing the mistake. =D I could never be good as you at cross-stitching. =P Wow that is crazy even though I have never played it and was entirely lost. LOL. I need to get this game you are talking about. Have a great day.

    1. oh good. i was thinking about getting rid of the lines.. coz the words don’t always show up at the right position on the lines. it’s bugging me =P

  10. Dodo, this layout is gorgeous! 🙂 I have a question for you – where did you get your user online script? I’ve been looking for it but can’t find the original site!

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