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my dad has persuaded me not to send my camera back to fix coz he’s gonna buy me a new camera *hehe*. so i’ve been camera hunting for a while. hmm i had my eyes on the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1 since I saw it in a local store. its night frame and night shot ability and ‘Carl Zeiss’ lenses are quite attractive. it’s selling for $699.99 but i found the cheapest online for $521.09. i was gonna buy that one from the local store and try it out and see how i like it. then return it and get one online if i really want it. but what a bummer, everyone charges at least 15% restocking fee on digital cameras. so no such cheats for me *=P* after talking to the guy at the local store, i found out that smart media card is obsolete. no new generation digital cameras will use it any more 😦 my poor smart media cards and smart media reader *sniff*

after browsing thru yahoo’s most popular cams, i have my eyes set on another one. i really like Nikon Coolpix 4300 because annia’s review on Nikon Coolpix 885, i just LOVE the vibrant color of her picture. but it’s 4 mega and 3X optical zoom compared to 5 mega and 4X optical zoom of the new Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1. i wish it could be better. Nikon Coolpix 4300 does have manual focus tho. that’s one thing i really really want!! maybe i should just go with Nikon Coolpix 5400. that’s not one of the popular ones but it looks so cool! i need to make a decision. sign.. it’s so hard.

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  1. Hmmm…. after reading your post, I think you should consider the Canon Powershot G5 😉

    It’s in the same class of cameras as the coolpix 5400, and it’s roughly the same price. I love the little flip-out and twist LCD that the V1 doesn’t have. Althought it’s got GREAT battery life O__O! lol Hmm… i think the G5 also gets a larger compact flash card (32MB) than the 5400 (16MB).

    Read reviews of the G5 here:

    Here is also a review on the 5400:

    I have always had a liking Canon cameras for some reason 😛 I myself own a Canon Powershot S45 😉 And I love it. I know ecila owns the Canon Powershot S50 ^^

  2. lol, I think you will probably find it yourself, but I thought if you’re too busy to read through the entire review, you can see an image quality comparison of the 3 cameras here.

    heheh sorry for posting so much. This should be my last post about digicams.

    1. OMG.. that page is sooo cool! thank you kozzi. you’ve been extremely helpful. keep the comments coming. i’d love to hear more LOL

  3. lol kozzi is like an expert 😉

    and the Canon S50 i have works pretty decent. But it’s pretty expensive (i think) compared to others. 4Megapixels i would have been happied with. A higher mp is only good if you plan on prinint in LARGE resolutions! i can take stuff up to 2592 x 1944 pixels! and it’s HUGE! and i doubt i’m ever going to be printing that big! v____v” not unless i become a pro or whatever 😛

    But if i could get another camera, i would get a nikon one with 4x optical zoom and up to 1cm macro focusing!! the S50 only has three times optical zoom, and only to 10cm marco zoom– which isn’t as good as you can get. So you can’t really take REAL close up pictures.. which i like taking a lot of the times…:P hehehe

    But happy cam hunting! Heheh another camera i wanted was the Soney CyberShot PSC-10 is it? it’s the more expensive 5megapixels sony camera! 😀

  4. but omg!! if you can get the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1 GET IT!!!!!!!!!

    that’s even more expensive then the higher end sony cybershot 5mp one!

    i think the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V1 would be GREAT!!!

  5. Nikkon are way better than Sony. I got a sony digital cam and it was a big mistake. The quality of Sony digital cam is so poor I had to resell out and had to get a better one. So instead I got myself a Nikkon 5700, 5 mega pixel and a very good optical zoom. Most of the pic that I took so far are very good quality.

  6. Hey, Dodo! =D
    I must say that the digital cameras that you’ve mentioned are quite attractive. I also am thinking to buy a new one because the one I have is cheap and got it for free when I bought my old computer years ago. -0-;;;

    If you DO buy one of them, please write your own opinion on the camera! =D

    Have fun!

  7. My dream digicam right now is Nikon Coolpix 5400! (I owned Canon S40 and Kodak 3900 and now currently have Canon S30, which I actually like more than S40, and Pentax OptioS.) I read that Canon G5 suffers more in purple fringing.

    You should be careful in ordering online though. Go with a reputable online store and not just because it is the cheapest. Look out for some deals also – go check out the forums to read reviews and also to look out for good deals.
    You should buy a camera that fits your needs (is portability also an issue? etc…) Head down to your local store and get a “feel” of the cameras you’re eyeing. ^_^

    1. thanks grace!! i’ve ordered numerous from a yahoo incoporated store and have had any trouble with them. so i don’t really doubt their service if i do go with them.

  8. *looks closer to the kangaroo picture* 0_0 LOL omg mom! dodo’s posting porn! XD j/k 😉
    Good luck with finding a digicam, I don’t know much about them ^^

  9. ohoh. my brother is buying me the Coolpix 4000 for my birthday. I’ve tried it out already at the store, it’s so cool. *__*

  10. Hello. Yay! I can’t wait to see your new camera. 😀 Wow. That looks spiffy. Wow. That is expensive. That reminds I must tell you about something once you get online. Aww. You can borrow my smart media cards. 😀 Both of those camera’s look so good! I still like the Sony one but than it costs a lost. I hope you get the one you want. 🙂 Have a great day.

  11. hey, just a little note… my mom has the nikon and i was really disappointed with how it works… the previewing of the pictures and the lag of when it is coming out of “sleep”… not sure about the picture quality, but it was really frustrating… my sister also had the camera and took it back. now we both have the olympus c720… olympus has always been good to me… they have some at costco too… and costco has that yummy return policy!

  12. Oooh digit camera shopping = fun! Hmm… I have an old one from about 2 years ago lol. It’s still good though I suppose. I mean, I checked out that picture that was taken with the Nikon and mine has the same quality. The only thing I don’t like about mine is there is almost always flash and it’s so bright it ruins a picture if it’s dark and close up. That’s about it though 😀 *hugs her camera*

  13. wah! I want a digital camera too 😛 You lucky ducky! Good luck in finding just the perfect camera, people seem to have recommended some pretty neat sites here *goes off to check them out*

  14. Digital Cameras are so expensive now a days. I bought a very cheap 3.3 MP digi cam by Vivitar. It only cost me around $150. I will most likely buy a better one this christmas. The links you provided are actually very helpful for me.

  15. Ah, digital cameras are muey expensivo. We have a really nice one that takes like, 300 pictures at a time, it’s TINY and lightweight, I love it! 😀 I don’t know that brand it is, but I’ll try to check it out for ya, if ya want 🙂

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