Some people are just bitchy

And they teach their kids how to be nosy and annoying too. I don’t usually rant about people because I hate gossiping but some people can manage to get on my nerves and piss me off so bad.

This mid-aged chinese woman who comes to the lab everyday is loud and rude. more over, she takes her 10 year old kid here everyday as well. Her IQ is probably pretty low too because every time she needs to use our electronic stapler, she would yell oh i don’t know how to use this, can you help me? i wonder how she’s able to stay in school if she can’t even use a stapler. all these would not matter to me if she didn’t try to get on my case.

yesterday the guy who was supposed to work the morning shift with me didn’t show up. so from 8am – 1:30pm I was the only monitor at the lab. I didn’t have breakfast so i was starving at noon. i decided to warm some Budget (microwavable food) up and eat it quickly in the lab. While I was eating the woman came up and used the trash can right next to me. and soon after that, her kid came to me and questioned why i was eating in the lab.

kid: why are you eating in the lab?
me: because i’m the only monitor here and if i leave, there won’t be anyone here. and if i don’t eat, i might die.
kid: how come we are not allowed to eat in the lab?
me: because you don’t have to stay here all day long.
kid: ooooooh… i get it…

during the conversation i was confused how this kid was able to see me from where she was sitting. because she should not have. the only way she could have known was from her mom telling her. more likely her mom directed her to interrogate me. that very thought just made me sick. so before the kid could leave,
i asked: btw, why are you here? are you a UI student?
kid: no, but my mom is.
i left out a contemptuous laugh
and said: These machines are paid with UI students’ tuition and are meant to be used by UI students not to babysit their children. You should be happy I didn’t kick you out. I do have the legitimate reason to do so.

It was rewarding to see the expression on the kid’s face changing from “:) hey hey hey I got you” to “:( ouch, she’s mean” and ran away. I probably would not have said the last part to her if she wasn’t directed by her mom. I didn’t want her mom to think “she won”. if she wanted to use her kid as a bullet, i was happy to return it back to her face.

but she probably wouldn’t care anyway. watch her with her kid here again today. but if she gets on my case again with such a low style, i will probably kick her kid out.

on the other hand, microsoft has finally kicked netscape completely out of the competition. here’s a newsletter i got from sitepoint titled “NETSCAPE GONE… CAN MOZILLA SURVIVE?”

In a long-anticipated announcement last week, Netscape owner AOL-Time Warner finally put a stop to new development on the browser. The recently released Netscape 7.1 [1] will be the final version of the Netscape browser.

Ever since Microsoft settled its legal problems with AOL-Time Warner [2] late in May, ensuring that Internet Explorer would remain the basis for the AOL online service for years to come, Netscape has been living on borrowed time. Though a good browser, thanks to the efforts of the Mozilla project [3], the latest versions have basically been cluttered variations of the austere Mozilla browser attempting to push services from the company’s online portal, Netscape.com [4].

That said, Netscape developers made a significant contribution to the Mozilla project themselves — a contribution that will no doubt be sorely missed now that those developers are looking for new jobs.

Possibly more important to the long-term survival of the Mozilla browser is establishing a higher profile among the general Internet community. Open-source projects like Mozilla aren’t renouned for their advertising budgets, and if the only people who know about Mozilla are developers like you and I, the corporate sponsorships that make it go won’t last for long.

[1] http ://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/default.jsp
[2] http ://www.theregister.co.uk/content/7/30942.html
[3] http ://www.mozilla.org/
[4] http ://www.netscape.com/

and last nite i found this lovely kangaroo picture πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Some people are just bitchy

  1. I personally think we shouldn’t worry, since Mozilla is an open source browser I am positive programmers will keep it alive. Netscape… yuck.. I am glad its gone. Anyways, hope your having a nice week there πŸ™‚

    1. i totally agree – Netscape = crap, and whatever happens, people will still have the programme on their computer if they have previousley downloaded it

  2. The Mozilla project launched a new website (for the moment only one page) and the new single projects (Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird) are still growing.
    For me the real threat is Internet Explorer 7 which could integrate functionnalities from Firebird… (and I do not mention Safari… but it still has compliancy problems.)

  3. i dont know what upset me the most…if a noisy kid used like a human bullet…or some noisy kid leave to do whatever he wants and their parents doesn’t care about it…and when the parents have to yell the kid..usually use some other people (police, store owner, the buggie man) πŸ™‚ to scare the kids…

  4. I haven’t used Netscape in a long time, but I will miss it. I mean, it’s part of web history, right? It would be like Yahoo! going down tomorrow. — although Yahoo! definitely has a lot more users and effect would be felt a lot more. πŸ™‚

    1. im sure you’ll get over it, you wont miss it and think about it every day for the rest of your life and say: OH NO, netscape has gone, god i loved it, if only i had used it alittle more than i used to :/

  5. I don’t know, Microsoft mentioned that it will no longer update IE6. That means in the future, if you want to update that browser, you would have to upgrade your OS as well.

    1. mircosoft that they’ll stop developing standalone IE… so the only way to get the newer version of internet explorer is to get the newest version of windows…

      but mozilla is so going to stay alive!! and now with netscape gone (which is unfortunate) i’m sure core-netscape users will jump on the mozilla-mobile ;D lol!

      And gah! hopfully that lady will stop giving you trouble dodo *pat pat*

  6. hehe, i hate netscape, even thou my site looks fine in it last time i checked! anyway i hate it when people think they have ‘won’ i myself like to shove it back in thier face like you did! teehee

  7. that is so totally insane. and netscape is really lousy. i use IE 5 or 6… dont know which… but yeah… beat up that lady!

  8. I don’t think you were gossipy at all, talking about that lady. You didn’t say anything that was twisted or false. πŸ™‚ I think you handled that kid really well. LOL Pity you couldn’t tell off that lady. It’s a shame when kids get caught in the middle like that. 😦

  9. It’s really very sad that some people only stop bothering you when you’re mean to them; if you act as a nice person, the think they own you. That often happens to me at work. 😦

  10. I probably would have told off both that lady and her kid if it were me. =P

    I think Mozilla should be able to stand its ground. I’m kinda of glad that Netscape is gone. I wish Internet Explorer would follow it. Microsoft always has to have their way. It’s a Microsoft world, and we just live in it I guess. >

  11. OMG!~! She was soo nosy! I’m glad you asked the kid!! XD It’s so funny! It pains me to say some chinese people…((SOME, I’m asian)) are just plain nosy….my granny is like that….

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