bandwidth craze

OMG.. i don’t know what’s going on but my bandwidth for the last couple months has been going up like crazy. amy has been giving me extra 2gb of bandwidth for past three months and i can still manage to exceed it. that’s just too crazy. i feel really bad and i need to do something about it. look at the crazy increase since last december:


my gallery jumped from 0gb in April to 265mb in May? WHAT THE HELL? does it really jump like this? I seriously think i should totally remove it from my domain. that gallery was such a bad idea. it takes up a lot of regular space too. arg. but compared to my total bandwidth usage, the gallery subdomain is still nothing. what’s going on?! what can i do? 😦 😦

18 thoughts on “bandwidth craze

  1. I’d say just remove it if its taking up so much space. Maybe someone is direct linking you? Try changing the subdomain name. and see what happens?
    Good luck! Rachel

  2. Ack, Jenn had this same issue not long ago. Are you protected against direct linking? Maybe people are, you never know :/ I hope not.
    I just wanted to let you know the Jenn Fanlisting moved to my domain, as linked above, if you want to change your links. πŸ™‚

  3. Sis, did you block direct linking of photos in your gallery? I had that problem before… so I just made the photos only available if it’s calling from my domain.

  4. Thye are YOUR pictures right? It doesn’t make sense that someone would direct link someone else’s personal pictures, I mean I would understand adoptables, but pictures? *unless they want to pose as pretty Dodo that i* πŸ˜› Besides you have that php-based direct link ban script… I cam here last night and the same thing happened. Anyways, maybe you could try taking it offline for a month and see how it goes πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  5. i’m protected from direct linking but not for the gallery directory. i didn’t think anyone would direct link my photos? why would they do that?

  6. Hello. Wowie. The best thing would taking it down but I agree with Arwen. You never know with people online now-a-days. =/ But on the bright side you are getting a lot of visitors. πŸ˜‰ LOL Have a great day.

  7. it may just be the fact that you have a really popular site. As I’m viewing it, there are 13 others online with me. πŸ˜‰

  8. Ouch… O__O~! maybe someone is direct linking you? Gah. 😦 Well, if you need any bw, I can host your gallery. My server’s got a 700 GIG bw space, but it’s only got GD1.0 (i think). E-mail me from if you’re interested. πŸ™‚

  9. Ouch. Yeah, it sounds like it must be a direct linking problem… Download your raw logs for a few days and see if you can find anything out of the ordinary. 😦 That’s a good way of finding hotlinkers if you’ve exhausted most other possibilities…

  10. woah @___O”

    popular here isn’t it? but hmmm…. if you want to keep the gallery, i say do what whoever above said to change the sub domain *huggie*

    and i don’t know, but once i saw this script online that would log images which are linked… so you can find out where the link is coming from… don’t know where it is now

    but *pat pat* hopfully it’ll get sorted out =]

  11. maybe some people do direct link your photos? x.x or maybe its because is the summer time more people are on vaction so they visit your site more often than when they are in school? I hope you find a solution ^^

  12. well, dodo. you are very lucky, you have the most popular site on the net. you have a lot of visitors everyday. i know that won’t help, but i really don’t know what to say.

  13. Amy’s been really nice about the bandwidth. I was surprised when I checked the bandwidth logs and saw you were using 7GB for this month!

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