copykat purr!

copykat (screenshot in case she takes it down) of my dearest leah dare to submit the site to new millennium. SHAME SHAME SHAME!! disrepect to the baby!! grrrrrrrr copykat sucks!

are you still using <iframe> and </iframe> for your page when you need an iframe?
you really should NOT any more because there’s a much easier and faster way to do it. and it’s supported by all new browsers! tutorials -> html -> css/div -> div iframe

commenter plugging day πŸ™‚ THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!
Adrianna Allie annia arwa Arwen Ashley Bubs bw_inc Caroline Christina Cooky Corey Daynah dianna ecila eftalia emiri Erin ero felisha Gaile Gemin gemini Grace Iris J Jean-Philippe Jenni Jessy judy Kat kitty kozzi Kristal Laury Lele Leslie Liana Mariela Marya Melissa Michelle Miki mtwib Nadia natasja Niya Peter Rachel Rob Sarah Seles Selina Shae Squibble! Steff Stephanie Su Taryn Tia Vee Veeshan veronica Vicky Yuki

9 thoughts on “copykat purr!

  1. i know that’s really bad, but she’s only eleven and my little sister is eleven. poor kid. maybe she just doesn’t know just how annoyed and angry people get when a layout is copied. she’s just a little kid.

    1. so many people on my board are also 11 and they know better. if she doesn’t, then someone should tell her and if that person has to be me. i will do it.

  2. ok i just emailed her this “copying is bad! don’t copy it from
    it’s not good. don’t do it. why? coz everyone needs to be original on the web and people get really irritated by people who copy. yea i know your layout is not exactly the same but it’s similiar enough to tell you copied it from there. so learn from this and don’t do it again.”

  3. O_O What was she thinking..anyways..she should learn about this…and copying is bad..the colors..oh the colors…*passes out*

  4. yah, copying sucks and reading the text hurts my eyes. It could be that my eyes suck or that her color scheme is all wrong. probably both πŸ˜›

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