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how productive was your summer?

judging from what i’ve accomplished for the summer, i’m quite satisfied 🙂 look at this post from 3 months ago. i gave myself a huge list of things i needed to do for the summer. and guess what? i finished most of them. WOW i’m so proud. let’s do a list check

– put the free trial for advertising back, maybe make it one day only
– make a new layout for that actually incorporates the ad banner
DONE! – altho i want a new one now 😦
– offer banner exchange service at dnw
– offer simple counter service at dnw
NO – but don’t know if it’s necessary any more
– REDO the bookmarks for dnw. i need a much better script for that.
DONE! – well i got rid of it and replaced i with “plug yourself” XP
– UPDATE asian abuse to make it more useful (i need to add LOTS of info about how to handle abuse etc. so people can stop giving me crap!! arg, this has been bugging me so bad)
– do something about dmb!! it’s dying…
DONE! – it’s alive again *hehe* and i had to close registration
– i want to write two hacks for b2: one is something that lists the commenters from your last blog entry in your post area for easy plugging. i think people will like this one since it’s like a trend now to plug commenters. two is a threaded commenting system like livejournal. this hack is gonna be a tough one. don’t know if i will have time to get to it.
BOTH ARE DONE! and are popular hacks *hehe*
– update DNW with more tutorials and also list all the tutorials by their descriptions etc. i think that site is very confusing. yuck.
– i have this idea of a theme for pure essence that i want to implement.
HRM – i don’t remember what my idea was but i did add a couple of new themes 🙂

and on top of all that i made around $2000 for my tuition this summer. i am happy 🙂


17 thoughts on “how productive was your summer?

  1. that is so precious! (the carebear)

    BTW, Congrats on getting so many things done this summer. 🙂 You inspire me to start my own list of to dos. 🙂

  2. so proud of you dodo! i wish i could be so productive ^____^;;

    and my my! $2000 is great! 🙂 talk about ending well, and starting well ^___^

  3. omg, registration closed again? x_x Hehe, I managed to sneak through in time! Mwahaha. 😛

    I wish I managed to finish so many things during my hols. 😦

  4. Wow… cool… yah btw, do u have any script to prevent ppl from using your domain name to send out mails and u rec’d hundreds of postmaster delivery sys return mails for emails u didnt send? I am in a fix. 😦

  5. Whoooaa! You totally finnished so much off your list! O_o I think my list is like 1/20 complete! >.> I’m such a lazy bum. Hehehe anyways! W00t! $2000!

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