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evil andy

haha, surprise surprise… in my entire boring first day of the school, andy’s email is definitely one of the most amusing things happened. hehe.. i can’t believe i will start getting his emails again. that makes me excited LOL from andy:

This two hour time between classes sucks! At least there is a computer lab nearby my noon class. I have no excuse not to write emails and posts now :sniff: It’s cold in here too and there’s this 900lb girl looking at the internet and wiggling around and stuff. Oh yeah, she’s the LAB MONITOR! I should sit at the far end of the row of computers farthest away from the desk and say, “Hey my computer just crashed and I lost all of my files!” and when she waddles over there, squeezing between chairs, say, “oh nevermind its cool now!”

for the ENTIRE summer he’s been hot and has been making fun of how i’m always cold in the computer lab. he finally admitted he’s COLD. HAHA!

[geek talk]i think i actually like my programming language concept class. i mean the whole concept is very new. what all i’ve been learning so far are imperative and object orientated programming languages. now we are gonna talk about logical and functional languages like prolog and haskell. i think it sounds rather interesting. i want to see how they are done.[/geek talk]

i went to the visual basic class. i know it’s going to be rather boring for me BUT i really LOVE to learn about visual basic .NET framework so i can write programs like google toolbar hehe.. that’d be very cool 🙂

8 thoughts on “evil andy

  1. Iiyo. ^^ Glad you’re having fun so far. VB.NET is good to know if you plan on being a programmer after graduating. Not everyone uses it, but esp while it’s still a bit new, if you’ve got experience in it, it’ll probably be looked upon quite highly, I imagine.

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