xun qin ji

nice long weekend everyone? i didn’t go to chicago coz andy’s aunt had to travel too for her long week. so we just stayed home and have a relaxing weekend. andy cook all my meals (kisses) he’s such a great great poopoo! well i was suppose to finish xun qin ji during the weekend but my dad’s harddrive was acting so i didn’t get the last 24 episodes until last nite. i wasn’t brave enough to finish it last nite doh i’m still dead today. whenever i’m addicted to a soap opera i can’t stop thinking about its plot.

the story is quite interesting. at least the first 20 episodes caught my attention. after i got the last 24, i feel the plot isn’t as intriguing as the previous episodes. maybe coz i’m tired? remember her? yea she starred at meteor garden II. she’s starring in this soap opera too as a princess again. Louis Koo‘s face finally started to ring a bell. i first saw him in the lion roars (a very ridiculous but amusing movie).. altho he’s been a singer i think he’s got some acting talents. either way i will try to finish the soap opera tonite and see how i like it XP

thank you Nadine for this awesome award!

17 thoughts on “xun qin ji

  1. Hehe, I LOVED The Lion Roars. It was just too amusing (though a couple of parts at the end was sad, like when she chose to forget her husband). I dunno how he played his part without bursting into laughter every 5 minutes. ;P

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