female hygiene

warning! my entry might give you more information than you care for.

I got my period today. This is the first time after I started taking the birth control pills. Maybe you are interested in how well the bcps had reduced my cramps?! It worked MARVELOUSLY! Although earlier I felt a bit of pain while sitting in a lecture, I haven’t felt it since. I did still take ibuprofen this morning. I didn’t want to risk. But the flow is definitely lighter and I feel protected from extreme pain. ^_^

On the other hand, I’ve decided to return my divacup. it just doesn’t seem to work for me. i’ve given it quite a few tries. My problem is I can not insert it correctly so it doesn’t tilt. When it tilts, it leaks. I know maybe I am doing something wrong and I should be more patient. But I decided to give it up. Maybe I will try again some years later. Who knows.. I still recommend you to try though. It’s worth it.

5 thoughts on “female hygiene

  1. My period is horrible also when it comes, killer cramps that make me want to fall over and pass out sometimes. I never heard of that Diva cup till now, sounds interesting. But I think I will stick to tampons XD

  2. Good to know that you feel so much better! But you’re the first person I know who gets such severe cramps during that time of the month to the extent of fainting… o_O Anyway, take care and drinking lots of warm water helps!

  3. this divacup thing is very interesting… i dont think i would be able to do that tho… empty it and all… seems like more work than i’d want to do – especially when feeling icky from the period… maybe just me… also doesn’t seem like it’d be too protective! do you know anyone that has had good luck with it??

    1. well it’s supposed to save money and healthier. yes i know a girl who uses it and it’s working for her. and i’m sure it worked for many women.

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