inspire me

sigh.. i tried inspire myself by looking through these beautiful pure css designs. but when i attempted making a new layout for pure essence, i failed.. what i came up with just doesn’t satisfy me. i want to rearrange the front page of this website to include my tabulas feed and site news. miki’s new layout is what made me want to change. that’s so cool! good job miki!

9 thoughts on “inspire me

    1. hrm mozilla supports more than just xhtml. the reason some people’s sites don’t look good in your browser probably have nothing to do with xhtml but rather they simply do not preview it under mozilla.

  1. hi, i happen to get your url from if you don’t mind me asking, would you help me out with my b2 template because there seems to be an error with it and i simply do not understand the whole thing. btw, the layout is awesome (:

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