2 truth 1 lie

DNW 2 truth 1 lie service is intended to promote online friendship. You submit three general statements about yourself. Among them, 2 are facts about you while the other one is a lie. You post the answer to your submission on your OWN website. You then submit the EXACT url of your answer along with your other statements. After that, people browsing dnw or visiting other sites may come to your site to find out the answer of the 2 truth 1 lie you set up here. If they find the facts about you fun, maybe they will become your friends and visit your site more often. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Alright if you are ready to join the fun, please follow the steps.

Ready for mine?
1. I can not type without looking at the keyboard.
2. Our family used to raise chicken on our balcony.
3. When I was 3 month old, I almost died because of a lung disease.

1 is a lie.

Find more at DNW 2Truth1Lie!

12 thoughts on “2 truth 1 lie

  1. YAY, I guessed right!!
    Thank you so much for DNW it’s such a great site and offers SOOO much for an html challenged person like myself.

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