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china needs more sexual eduation

Why is the Chinese government banning this museum while sex related shops are thriving? Not long ago someone sent me an article published in Chinese describing how many chinese believe sexual positions and special needs in sex are abnormal behaviors. a man questioned a psychiatrist his wife’s sanity because she screamed during sexual intercourse. he couldn’t understand why his wife behaved like that because she was always very quiet during the day. another woman believed her husband was crazy because he liked “animal position” during sex. sex is just a total “no no” in the public. you don’t talk about sex in the public in china. due to the increasing popularity of the internet, more middle school and college students are sharing sexual experience online. but seriously china needs to make sexual eduation part of its curriculum.

I remember in elementary school we did watch some videos about sexual growth but it had nothing to do with intercourse. Just watching male genitals on video totally freaked us girls out so bad that most of us just covered our eyes. We never even attempted touching those topics at that age. Actually by fifth grade I still didn’t know what “period” is because my parents never mentioned it to me. Ironically the first time I heard the word “penis” in chinese was after I came to the US. Some naughty boy in my 7th grade class decided to look up the word “penis” in my english -> chinese dictionary. He asked me how to prounce it. In Chinese it’s “Ying Jing”. I do recognize both of the characters but I had no idea what it was. Later I came home and asked my parents what it was, they did not answer me; they just shaked their heads and said “american children are taught too much.” I incorrectly guessed it to be “vagina” because the word “Ying” is usually associated with female in Chinese. My parents have never talked about sex with me. But sex is totally nature; why should the government crack down so hard educating people about it?!

I never thought of what the article pointed out: “xing,” (pronounced “SING”) the word for “sex” in standard Chinese is an ideograph that combines the symbols for “heart” and for “life.”

Apparently who ever created the word “xing” did not want it to be suppressed.

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10 thoughts on “china needs more sexual eduation

  1. oh i read that article earlier this week.

    It’s quiet sad that he was forced to move. It’s not just the “sex”… but it’s history. They should value it. But i guess all nations have their own pieces of history which they do not want to be reminded off.

    But yea, sexual education should be taught formally.
    But i guess that’s just the clash of cultures again… *sigh*

    but seriously, they should do something, especially when they want to control their birth rates, there should be more information, and education about those sort of topics in the public view.

    1. they think it’s unlikely for people to do it if they don’t know. which is true to a certain degree but it’s not the best way to do it.

  2. this reminds me of not too long ago, some people held a gallery somewhere in Beijing. This gallery is all about sex, like they have some coins on which they expose all kinds of sexual positions. Acually government didn’t ban this gallery but it had to close before the schedule time because not too many people visited there. I think Chinese people are still not used to talking about sex in public. We need to have correct views on this.

    1. i know it’s traditional but it’s 21st century, the gov’t is not helping to change some needs to be changed old traditions. not talking about it doesn’t help learning.

  3. Hmm, I can’t really comment since I’m not Chinese… All I can say is that I never knew China was so old-fashioned. Maybe old-fashioned is a wrong word.. Hmm, overly decent, perhaps? =P I have never talked about periods, sex or anything like that with my mom, I got all my knowledge from books. School kept a couple of lessons during the 7th and 9th grades (not sure what it is in other countries, in Finland the High School age is 13-16) but I can’t say that I would have gotten any information from those. Finland is very open about sex and those taboo things. Probably pretty much like America and England.

    1. The Finnish are probably more open about sex than Americans are, Selphie. Americans are very fickle when it comes to talking about sex and sex related issues. Since we have such a culturally diverse background, you’ll have people who are very reserved when it comes to talking about sex (similar to the Chinese) but others may be so totally open that you’re going, “Whoa! That was way too much info!” And then, anything in between. But we tend to be more prudish than most of Europe (I’m assuming Finland is probably not much different than most of the European countries I know about, but then… I could be wrong, because I’m a dumb American. LOL!)

  4. I never realized I was alone when it came to this. I’m Chinese, and I know that sex isn’t mentioned loosely. The first time I heard the word “penis” in Chinese was just not too long ago, and I’m 14. You’re right, I don’t understand why the government doesn’t try to change things.

  5. I’m only half Chinese but my parents are open to talking about this subject. Maybe the govt restrict this in China because of the big population? You know what I mean? lol … just my opinion. 😮

  6. The first time I heard “penis” in Chinese was when I was 8. Blame it on all those Chinese drama serials I was watching. Right.

    Being Chinese, I know that Asians are more conservative on topics such as sex. But pornography exists, and apparently we discover more than we need to before we really learn it in school, which is next year – and that’ll be in Grade 8. (And that’ll be part of our Biology lessons, and that really means all about it – all the minute details and stuff)

    It’s true that we need to open, but we can’t rush things like these, really. Of course, it’s high time the Chinese government did something about it… I mean, they ought to realise that keeping mum about sex isn’t going to make people not have sex. The more you deny them knowledge of sex, the more they want to have sex… It’s called ‘curiosity’.

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