spot – our precious

we are not allowed to own pets here in our apartment. andy used to own a cat named spot at his trailer. but since we moved, his brother has been taken care of the kitty. now they are on a trip so we can to keep spot for a week. this is always my favorite time of the year. spot is the cutest kitty πŸ™‚

yumm, he loves the dirty towel where we wipe our shoes on. he says: i love the smell so i roll roll roll.

i’m posing for the camera – i’m a cat model.
look! i’m a fur ball =^_^=

today we got spot some treats.
the way he stares at it is so cute. i think he recognizes the kitty on the bag.

if i stare and concentrate, the bag will magically open!

and spot wants to get out of the room.
please open the door for me! i need to pee really bad!

it’s so much fun to have a furry companion once for a while. when i went to sleep, spot jumped to my side and slept around my legs. it felt weird LOL andy said this morning he started meowing for attention. it woke andy up and he took him out to the livingroom so i could continue my sleep. i don’t know how you can get mad being woken up by a cutie like that tho. (if you only have him around your house once a year that is)

8 thoughts on “spot – our precious

  1. awww.. kittys are sooo cute πŸ™‚ My bunny coco used to wake me up by jumping around on me while I was still in bed and licking my hand.. so adoreable n_n yup> you can’t be mad at those cuties..heh

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