incredible illusion

from this thread – it’s certainly one of the best ones i’ve seen.

Click for a bigger version
the square labled “A” and the square labeled “B” are the SAME COLOR

don’t believe it?

I tried to do a little photoshop trick.
optical illusion

Still don’t believe it? You should save the picture and use a paint program and use the color selection tool to test. It’s incredible how our eyes deceive us.

17 thoughts on “incredible illusion

  1. Wow, they do look the same through squinted eyes. That makes sense, because you can focus better on the two squares and not all the busyness around them, which creates the illusion in the first place.

  2. This is a very clever 3D rendering that plays with a popular optical illusion. I don’t agree with the theory that our eyes decieve us; our eyes actually have learned to compare spatially related objects and are doing the work on the fly so as we don’t have to think about it — if you wan’t to short circuit this automated process, try squinting your eyes and looking at the image through your eyelashes (a common artists technique) This will focus your eyes on the greys, eliminate most of the colors and in order to make out what is blurry, your eyes/brain will make thier decision based on contrast. The squares do look alike through squinted eyes.



  3. While it’s true the squares may come up as the same color in a paint program, there is one simple piece of evidence that proves square B is in fact, lighter.

    Square B is covered in a shadow from the cylinder…. Making the color shone in the picture darker than the actual color of square B…

    Which would make the actual color of square B lighter than square A.

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